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VLADO KRESLIN - Vlado Kreslin (1987)


VLADO KRESLIN is a Slovenian singer/song-writer. He began as a singer in rock group "Martin Krpan", gradually breaking through to the foreground also as the author of numerous songs. At the same time, he was beginning to go back to his own roots and draw upon the creative energy of the musical heritage of Prekmurje, the Slovene region which is his homeland. Through his appearances with "Beltinška Banda" - a group of Prekmurje folk singers and musicians in their seventies and eighties (the oldest member, the double bass player Joužek was born in 1905) - Kreslin enriched his repertoire with folk-songs of the region. In the meantime Vlado Kreslin has brought together a number of younger musicians into the group "Mali bogovi" , and with them plays his compositions in more mainstream rock arrangements with the touch of the flatlands of Prekmurje. Often members of "Mali bogovi" join "Beltinška banda" on stage, and in this way music continues to bridge generations, both for those on stage and those in the audience. This is his compilation album from 1987. (from wikipedia)

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