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MIRA I PRIJATELJI - To smo mi (1974) Single


MIRA I PRIJATELJI were a pop rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia, This is their one and only one single record from 1974. (thanks to teacher)

DŽENAN SALKOVIĆ - Hej, hej (1969) Single


DŽENAN SALKOVIĆ was a pop singer from Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina). This is his only one single record from 1969. (thanks to teacher)

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SKOL - Čista perverzija (1990)


SKOL was a high energy punk-rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1990.

LILA DIVA - Lila Diva (1985)


LILA DIVA was a synthy pop/rock band from Zrenjanin. This is their one and only one album from 1985.

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VIKTORIJA - Spavaćeš sam (1988)


VIKTORIJA was a rock singer from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. "Viktorija" started as a band, but later Snežana Mišković continued solo using the same name as her own. This is her first album from 1988.

KORNJAČE - Kornjače (1988)


KORNJAČE were rockabilly band from Petrovac na Mlavi (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their demo recordings from 1988.

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BEZIMENI (Kraljevo) - Maštarenje (1975)


BEZIMENI were a rock band from Kraljevo (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their demo recordings from 1975.

HOROSKOP - Horoskop (1980)


HOROSKOP was founded by former members of rock groups "Fire" and "Demoni" Željko Thes (guitar, vocal), Zoran Gruić (keyboards, vocal), Miljenko Balić (bass, vocal) and Emil Vugrinec (drums). This is their one and only one album from 1980.

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ULICA OD MESECA - Ulica od meseca (1987)


ULICA OD MESECA was a Serbian rock band from Beograd, active in the 2nd half of 80s in former Yugoslavia. Band was follow-up of "Tvrdo srce i velike uši" band. This is their only album from 1987.

AMBASADORI - Varijacije (1972-1980)


AMBASADORI were a  pop rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia, active from 1968 until 1980. These are their several songs from 1972-1980.

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DRUGI NAČIN - Drugi način (1975)


DRUGI NAČIN was formed in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) in 1974. In the first half of the 1970s Branko Požgajec (vocals, keyboard, flute), Halil Mekić (guitar) and Željko Miklučić (bass guitar) performed in the reformed Zlatni Akordi. After Mekić left the band due to his army obligations, Ismet Kurtović (vocals, guitar, flute) joined the band. This lineup released single with songs "Opet" and "Odlazak" and went on a tour. In July 1974 they were joined by Boris Turina (drums), who decided to leave a career of a table tennis player and dedicate himself to music. Turina previously wrote lyrics for several songs of Crveni Koralji and performed with Crveni Koralji and the first lineup of Zlatni Akordi. As this lineup of the band did not feature any original member of Zlatni Akordi, the members decided to rename themselves to Novi Akordi, and in October 1974 adopted the name Drugi način. The band members chose their name after a poem by Federico García Lorca and the band's logo was desined by comic book author Igor Kordej. The band started to hold regular concerts at the music club Big Ben in Zagreb, and at the end of 1974 they recorded their debut album. The record label Jugoton from Zagreb did not want to sign the band, and the members broke the contract with another Zagreb-based record label, Suzy, because of disagreement about the album cover. Finally, the band signed for PGP-RTB from Belgrade, only because one of the editors liked the album artwork and decided to offer Drugi način a contract without even listening to the album. "Drugi način", released in 1975, was a concept album with music influenced by Wishbone Ash, Deep Purple and Free and lyrics dealing with solitude. The music was written by Požgajec and Kurtović and the lyrics were written by Turina. And the end of 1976 Požgajec left the band due to his army obligations, and during his absence guitarists Kurtović and Mekić left Drugi način and formed the band Nepočin. After Požgajac returned from the army Drugi način continued their activity with guitarists Branko Bogunovič and Nikola Gečević. This lineup released several singles, before Turina, Bogunović and Gečević left the band. Having left Drugi način Gečević formed band Žuta Minuta and later a better-known band Regata. Drummer Miroslav Budanko and guitarist Robert Krkač joined Drugi način, and soon after Ismet Kurtović returned to the band, bringing bassist Boža Ilić. After Krkač joined Film, Danijel Veličan became Drugi način's new member. In 1982 this lineup released album "Ponovo na putu" which did not gain the popularity of the band's previous album, but the band continued to perform actively until the second half of the 1980s when the band went on hiatus and performed occasionally only. (from wikipedia)

DRUGI NAČIN - Ponovno na putu (1982)


"Ponovno na putu" is the second album by DRUGI NAČIN from 1982.