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HAUSTOR - Haustor (1981)


The basis of the band was formed in 1977, when singer and occasional guitarist Darko Rundek met bassist Srđan Sacher. Two years later they formed HAUSTOR, together with Ozren Štiglić (guitar) and Boris Leiner (drums), who also played in another prominent Yugoslav rock band Azra. During 1980 they added Zoran Vuletić (keyboard) and a brass section. The group was mostly influenced by the Caribbean music. Haustor released its self-titled debut album in 1981. All of the songs were written by either Sacher or Rundek. The Sacher's reggae song "Moja prva ljubav" became a hit, and it still remains popular in the former Yugoslav countries. After a pause, which was caused by the members' conscription in the former Yugoslav People's Army, their second album, titled "Treći svijet", was released in 1984. However, soon afterwards Sacher left the band, leaving Rundek as the sole composer and lyricist of the band. Haustor released two more albums, "Bolero" (1985) and "Tajni grad" (1988), before breaking up in 1990. The group gathered again during the 1990s for a temporary reunion and later finally disbanded. (from wikipedia)

AUTOPUT - Štemeri (1980-1982)


AUTOPUT was a hard rock band from Varaždin (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their demo recordings from 1980-1982. (thanks to Ana)

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MESEČEVA POTKOVICA - Pusti me (1982)


MESEČEVA POTKOVICA was a rock band from Serbia, in former Yugoslavia. These are their two songs from compilation album "Prvi zubi" from 1982.

TWINS ROCK - Rock Caffe (1990) EP


TWINS ROCK was a short-lived rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one EP from 1990. (thanks to Sacred Reich)

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MAGIČNO OKO - Prvi zubi (1982)


MAGIČNO OKO two songs from compilation album "Prvi zubi" from 1982.

KUM - Oprosti mi (1990) Single


KUM was a rock band from Kikinda (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Siniša Pašić (guitar), Arpad Balaž (keyboards),  Milan Cvetičanin (drums), Goran Tetovac (bass), Dragan Radujko (guitar) and Goran Bjelanović (vocal). This is their first single record from 1990.

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PSIHOKRATIJA - Album mentalnih fotografija (1988)


PSIHOKRATIJA was a minimal wave/dark synth duo from Beograd (Serbia). They released their first album, "Album mentalnih fotografija" in an independent label, in 1988. After that, Gorjan Krstić recorded a second album with different people, never released.