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SANJALICE - To su bili dani (1966-1968)


SANJALICE were one of, probably not many, girl bands in ex-Yugoslavia and probably the only girl band that released a record at that time. Sanjalice was formed in Beograd, Serbia,  in 1965. Their records are not that wild, but song "Bez reči" is one of the best girl 60s punk songs. They split up in 1969.

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ASTORIA - Čin-prvi (1988)


ASTORIA was a Macedonian pop rock band from Skopje (ex-Yugoslavia). The band formed as "Raskoljnikov" in 1986 by Toše Pop-Simonov, the members were previously members of various Macedonian groups. They had their first hit at Makfest Song Festival 1987 ("Veruvaj vo ljubovta", awarded for best lyrics), and soon after entered the studios to record their first album (December 1987 -- March 1988). The album was recorded in Serbian language at Laza Ristovski's "L.R." studios in Beograd, who co-produced it with Toše Pop-Simonov. The album's release under the PGP RTB label was conditioned with the change of the group's name. That's how "Raskoljnikov" became ASTORIA. The group's line-up was: Stefan Stevo Čepiševski (vocals), Tatjana Tanja Stanković (keyboards and vocals), Filip Vanovski (keyboards), Branko Spasovski (bass guitar), Gorjan Miškov (drums) and Toše Pop-Simonov (guitar and midi guitar). After the release of the album they particilated at Mesam Festival 1988 in Beograd and had another song in Macedonian in 1989 -- "Loša noć (Pojavi se)". The band disbanded by the end of 1980's. (from

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ROLLY - Blesava (1989)


ROLLY was a pop rock band from Podgorica (Montenegro) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1989. (thanks to sveto)

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ZAKS - Od zemlje do neba (1986)


ZAKS was a rock band from Sombor (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one album from 1986. (thanks to Sacred Reich)

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SOKO - Soko (1987)


SOKO was a pop/rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1987.

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RAS 2VA 3RI - Granice (1990)


RAS 2VA 3RI was a rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) formed by ex-guitarist of the band "Parni Valjak" Rastko Milošev-Ras. This is their one and only one album from 1990.

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BOYE - Dosta! Dosta! Dosta! (1988)


BOYE were formed in 1981, by Biljana Babić (drums), Jasna Manjulov (keyboards, vocals), Ljiljana Radaković (bass) and Klaudija Gavrilović (guitar, vocals). The first live appearance the band had in December of the same year, presenting themselves as an energetic all-female new wave band. In February of the following year, along with other Novi Sad new wave bands, they performed at "Novosadski novi talas" concert held in the Vienna club "Arena". In 1983, the band performed at the international rock festival "Frauen in der Rock Music" in Vienna and "Frauen Avantgarde festival" in Linz. At the time, Klaudija Gavrilović left the band being replaced by Vesna Branković and Milica Žilnik "Maša" became the new lead vocalist. The following year, the band recorded their debut album in Zagreb, however, it was never released as the record label wanted them to become an electropop band. In 1985, without the need for compromise the band made demo recordings, with the Disciplina Kičme frontman Dušan Kojić "Koja" as the producer. The recorded demo tracks provided them with an opportunity to release a single "Ja hoću te", with the song "Kralj dosade" as the B-side, through PGP RTB. The cover of the single featured the inscriptions "Prvi pravi ženski zvuk" written in Kojić's already familiar manner. The single release was followed by the debut album, "Dosta! Dosta! Dosta!", released by the same label in 1988, featuring the prominent songs "Mama Kivi", "Gde možemo se sresti", and the title track. The album also featured the new bassist Darko Matić, the first male member in the group, and yet another vocalist Tanja Đajić. Under Kojić's influence, the band had maintained their original musical style. (from wikipedia)

BOYE - Fudbal (1990) Single


BOYE third single record from 1990.

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KOWALSKI - Rock ’n’ roll bajka (1990)


KOWALSKI (Krešimir Polić) is a Croatian underground rock 'n' roll musician, artist and performer from Zagreb. He became known to the public by his poems and lyrics. This is his first album from 1990. (thanks to Sacred Reich)

GALERIJA - Djevojka iz izloga (1989)


GALERIJA was a pop rock band from Slavonski Brod (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one album from 1989. (thanks to gothmog)

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AQUARIUM - Demo tracks (1983-1984)


AQUARIUM was a rock band from Petrovac na Mlavi (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their demo recordings from 1983-1984.

DEL ARNO BAND - Igraj dok te ne sruše (1989)


DEL ARNO BAND is a Serbian and former Yugoslav reggae band from Beograd. Formed in 1986, Del Arno Band are considered the longest lasting Serbian reggae band, and one of the pioneers of Serbian and former Yugoslav reggae scenes. This is their first album from 1989. (from wikipedia)