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LEB I SOL - Beskonačno (1981)



"Beskonačno" is the fourth album by LEB I  SOL and the first album without keyboardist Kiki Dimuševski.

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LEB I SOL - Ručni rad (1979)



After two successfull albums LEB I  SOL decided not to repeat the formula but to go into a deeper exploration of jazz. For the third album they almost abandoned the lyrics and invited a saxophone guest for two tracks. Vocals are present but except "Lenja pesma", an excellent even semi-commercial hit at the time, they were utilized as an instrument. Koki Dimuševski is more active than ever with his electric piano and plethora of synths, Vlatko Stefanovski's guitar technique is brought to perfect here,while rhythm section of Garo Tavitijan and Bodan Arsovski is impeccable as always. Macedonian folk is less present in favour of more "avant-garde" approach in a manner of jazz improvistions, so "Ručni rad" is not very accessible on the first listen. Production of Josip Boček is finally top notch for the time, the whole album carries the balanced sound of all instruments, perfectly arranged so you could get a sense of the band playing as a single body. Solos are rare but very effective and functional. All 7 tracks are perfect but obvious favorites would be "Lenja pesma" (lyrics as always by Goran Stefanovski, Vlatko's brother, who is a renowned Macedonian playright), Arsovski's title track "Ručni rad" with some beautiful fretless bass melody line and Stefanovski's "Kumova slama", one of the most memorable instrumentals of the former Yugo music scene, beautiful melody with emotional guitar solo weeping. However there is present a sort of optimistic, positive feeling in this composition. This is a true gem of ex-Yugo prog and probably the best fusion album of the era just before the coming of New Wave age. (review by Seyo)

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LEB I SOL - Akustična trauma (1982)



This live set represents the last release of PGP RTB label and captures LEB I  SOL at Zagreb's "Kulusić" club which was a "mecca" for live recordings during the most prolific era of ex-Yugoslav rock scene in the 1980s. The band is stripped to the bone here, in the basic rock trio of drums, guitar and bass, with raw sound and engaging musicianship. (by Seyo Fetahagić)

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NOVI AKORDI - Novi akordi (1969)



NOVI AKORDI was a rock band from Novi Sad (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their two songs recorded for Radio Novi Sad in 1969.

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URAGANI - Uragani (1966-1968)



URAGANI was the first rock band in ex-Yugoslavia. Band founded by Dario Ottaviani, Ante Škobrnja, Mario Peharda & Saša Sablić 1960 in Rijeka, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). In 1967 they had a big hit "Školjka" and in 1968 they had a second big hit "Deborah". They split up in 1970.

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TIMŠEL - Timšel (1983-1985)


TIMŠEL was a rock band from Osijek (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their two songs from 1983-1985.

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7 MLADIH - Looky Looky (1970) Single



7 MLADIH was formed in Beograd (Serbia), in September 1959. In 1960 they performed on 'Bled jazz festival', and marked their place on Yugoslav musical scene. During 60s and 70s they made hugh sucess in Yugoslavia as musicians as well as excellent comedians. Last concert was held in Sarajevo, May 1991. This is their second single record from 1970. (from discogs.com)

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7 MLADIH - Some Other Guy (1967) EP



7 MLADIH was formed in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) in early sixties. They were very popular in the sixties and seventies. This is their fourth EP from 1967.

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