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SMAK - Black Lady (1978)


With newfound success SMAK recorded their second album 'Crna Dama' in the UK, in two versions, one in their native Serbian and the other in English which was released with the translated title "Black Lady". Signed to Bellophon in Germany and Fantasy in the Unated States, Smak's sound draws favorable comparisons to "Down To Earth" period Nektar, Lucifer's Friend and Deep Purple although nothing is particularly outstanding. (from



RUKOPOTEZNO POVLAČILO was a punk rock band from Požega (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Dražen Heraković (Guitar, vocal), Mario Blažević (bass, vocal) and Krešimir Mihić (drums, vocal). This is their few demo songs from 1981. (from

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ZELENO LICE - Demo Tracks (1987)


ZELENO LICE was a rock band from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their demo songs from 1987.

HAOS IN LAOS - Haos In Laos (1984-1988)


HAOS IN LAOS was a Macedonian new romantic and later a pop band from Skopje (Macedonia) active from 1984–1988. Its frontman Risto Samardžiev, formerly a vocalist of the band Cilindar, later started a successful solo career as a pop singer, while its drummer Borjan Jovanovski, later became a prominent journalist in the Republic of Macedonia. The guitarist of the Haos In Laos was Zlatan Milivojević. These are their some recordings from 1984-1988.

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DEN ZA DEN - Demo snimci (1979)


DEN ZA DEN demo recordings from 1979.

DEN ZA DEN - Den za den (1980)


Frequently compared to Macedonia's most famous progressive rock group Leb i Sol, personally I don't hear it so much. DEN ZA DEN are way more fiery, with a stronger melodic sense. Still there's no denying the late 70's fusion sound. What separates Den za den from the pack is the exceptional guitarist, the distinct melodies, and perhaps best of all, the insane drumming along the lines of Arti + Mestieri. I'm a sucker for active drummers, so I naturally rate this one higher than other fusion albums of the era. Maybe Slovakia's Fermata is the closest comparison amongst the usual suspects like Mahavishnu Orchestra and Weather Report. (from

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Z.R.M. - Zona rane masturbacije (1984)


Z.R.M. (ZONA RANE MASTURBACIJE) was a punk rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their demo recordings from 1984. (thanks to midwest)

BRANKO KOVAČIĆ - Pera Kawasaki Blues (1980) Single


BRANKO KOVAČIĆ is  a guitar and keyboard player and singer from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is his single record from 1980.

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LAKI PINGVINI - Šizika (1983) Mini LP


LAKI PINGVINI mini album from 1983.

LAKI PINGVINI - Muzika za mlade (1984)


LAKI PINGVINI was a pop rock band formed in 1979, in Beograd (Serbia). After two albums group disbanded in 1986, but regrouped again in 1995, releasing "Laki Pingvini Stereo" album. Soon after, they stopped working.