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BRAĆA - Mačkica (1981) Single



 were rock group from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia, founded in 1980. This is their first single record from 1981.

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GENERACIJA 5 - Umoran od svega (1979) Single



GENERACIJA 5 was officially formed on July 1, 1977 by Dragoljub Ilić (keyboard), Boban Đorđević (drums), Jovan Rašić (vocals), Dragan "Krle" Jovanović (guitar) and Dušan "Duda" Petrović (bass guitar). They released their debut 7" single with songs "Novi život" and "Izgubljeni san" in May 1978, and after the single release performed on the rock evening of Omladinski festival in Subotica. Soon after, Petrović left the band due to his army obligations, and was temporarily replaced by Miloš Stojisavljević. In 1979, Generacija 5 released their second 7" single with songs "Svemu dođe kraj" and "Noćni mir". They performed at the music festival in Opatija and won the Best Use of Folk Music Elements Award. In October Rašić left the band, and was replaced by Goran Milošević, with whom the band moved towards more commercial sound. In November, they released their third 7" single with songs "Umoran od svega" and their cult ballad "Ti samo budi dovoljno daleko". At the time, their music was used in Zoran Čalić's movie "Došlo doba da se ljubav proba". After the "Umoran od svega" single release, the band started experimenting with jazz rock and soon gained a loyal fan-base. The critics, however, criticized the band for their lyrics and the fact that some of their biggest hits were written by the authors outside the band (most notably Bora Đorđević and Kornelije Kovač). Generacija 5 released their debut self-titled album, produced by Josip Boček, in 1980. Their second album "Dubler", produced by Peter Taggart, was released in 1982, and in June of the same year Generacija 5 disbanded. (from wikipedia)

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RUŽ - Noćno kupanje (1990)



RUŽ second studio album from 1990.

RUŽ - Još jedan ples (1988)



RUŽ was formed in 1982, in Beograd, and went through numerous lineup changes before a steady lineup was formed: Vuk Rosandić (vocals), twin broters Miloš (guitar) and Marko Kozić (bass guitar), and Zoran Tomašević "Toma" (drums). Soon, the record label Jugoton showed interest in signing a contract with them. Ruž appeared on the scene when the popularity of teen idols Plavi Orkestar declined, and Ruž won part of Plavi Orkestar's audience. Ruž's debut album "Još jedan ples", released in 1988, became a golden record. The album was produced by Ivan Fece "Firči", and featured Marina Perazić on backing vocals, Jovan Maljoković on saxophone, Aleksandar Dujin on keyboards, and Zoran Bulatović "Bale" on bass guitar. All the songs on the album were composed by Miloš Kozić, and the album's main hit was "Zubarka". The band's second album, "Noćno kupanje", released in 1990, should have been released by Jugoton, but the band moved to PGP-RTB because of the tensed situation in the country. The album was produced by Đorđe Petrović, and featured Dragan Jovanović on guitar, Feldi Jen on saxophone, Szabo Robert on banjo and harmonica and Kristina and Aleksandra Kovač on backing vocals. "Noćno kupanje" brought hits "Nemica" and "Amerikanka". The band saw huge success with the album and became teen idols over night. With the concert at Beograd's Sajmište the band caused hysteria among teenage girls. The band held a tour across Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, during which they played about 120 concerts. In 1991, at the Beograd Spring Festival, they performed a cover of Pro Arte song "Jedna mala plava. As Yugoslav Wars began, Vuk Rosandić moved to London, and later to the United States. (from wikipedia)

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TUŽNE UŠI - Tužne uši (1982-1987)



TUŽNE UŠI was formed in 1982, in Split, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). They never released an album. These are all their unreleased songs from 1982-1987.

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MARTIN KRPAN - Martin Krpan (1982)



MARTIN KRPAN was founded at the end of the 70s in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The band was formed from the remains of the groups "Na lepem prijazni" and "Srečanje". This is their first album from 1982.

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DINO DVORNIK - Kreativni nered (1990)



DINO DVORNIK second album from 1990.

DINO DVORNIK - Dino Dvornik (1989)



DINO DVORNIK, son of famous late actor Boris Dvornik, born in Split, Croatia on August 20, 1964 and died in Zagreb on September 07, 2008. Dvornik was a Croatian singer, songwriter, music producer, actor and reality television star. Together with his brother Dean Dvornik he founded the band Kineski Zid in 1981, releasing an album in 1984 and thus becoming the first genuine funk musician in the former Yugoslavia. This is his first album from 1989.


DINO DVORNIK - Jače manijače (1990) Maxi-single


DINO DVORNIK maxi single from 1990. 

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UNIJA - Slike za nju (1990)



UNIJA was pop rock band from Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1990.

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PEKINŠKA PATKA - Plitka poezija (1980)



PEKINŠKA PATKA is an eminent Serbian and former Yugoslav punk rock band from Novi Sad. Their debut album "Plitka poezija", released in 1980, is considered the first punk rock album by a band coming from Serbia. Being one of the first punk acts in Yugoslavia, they played a major role in opening doors for many bands that came after. On their second and last album "Strah od monotonije", released in 1981, they turned towards post-punk and darkwave sound, disbanding during the same year. In 2008, the band reunited to perform on the main stage of Exit Festival alongside Sex Pistols, and in 2010, they reunited once again, continuing their activity. (from wikipedia)