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JUTARNJE ZVIJEZDE - Zajedno (1962-1966)

JUTARNJE ZVIJEZDE were established in 1962, in Zagreb (Croatia). They played mostly the repertoire of world famous artists such as Pat Boone, Vince Taylor, Shadows, Hurricanes, etc. Members of the group were Drago Mlinarec (vocal, rhythm guitar), Mišo Tatalović (bass), Goran Ivas (lead guitar), Ivica Stanković (lead guitar), Dražen Glasnović (piano) and Nenad Šarić (drums). They recorded a few songs for Radio Zagreb and they broke up in 1966.

GRUPA MARINA ŠKRGATIĆA - Rokoko (1974) Single

GRUPA MARINA ŠKRGATIĆA second single record from 1974.

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KUD IDIJOTI - Lutke na koncu (1986-1989)

KUD IDIJOTI was a punk rock band from Pula (Croatia) formed in 1981 and released its debut album in 1986. In 1987 they won the Youth Festival prize in Subotica in competition with over 300 bands and quickly gained recognition as one of the most popular bands on the punk scene of the former Yugoslavia. After winning the first prize they have gained international popularity, performing live in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary and Italy. (from wikipedia)

PLEROMA - Inside (1989)

PLEROMA were a Slovenian gothic rock band active in the late 80's. They were formed in the town of Ptuj and released only one album. The title of the album was "Inside" and it was released in 1989 on vinyl. The cover of the vinyl is completely black with only small title of the record. Members of the band were Irena Selinšek, Vili Muzek, Zlatko Kuret, Milan Murko and Marjan Bone. This album was proclaimed for the best "dark" record of the year in the former Jugoslavia. (from net) 

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LABIRINT - Labirint v živo (1974)

LABIRINT was a rock band from Koper (Slovenia) in former Yugoslavia, formed in 1972. These are their some recordings from 1974.