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JUGOSLOVENI - Došlo mi je da se napijem (1986)



JUGOSLOVENI was formed in Beograd (Serbia), in 1986 by the vocalist Zoran Paunović. They released their debut album "Došlo mi je da se napijem" in 1986, in the following lineup: Zoran Paunović (vocals), Nenad Maričić (guitar), Dragan Latinčić (bass guitar) and Goran Milenković (drums). The album also featured Kornelije Kovač on keyboards and Vlada Negovanović on guitar. The songs were classic rock-oriented while lyrics featured slang and were social-related. The album featured the band's biggest hit, "Jugosloveni". For the recording of the second Jugosloveni album the band's frontman Paunović fired the complete lineup. He recorded album "Vruće osvežavajuće" with studio musicians: Vlada Negovanović (guitar), Dragoljub Đuričić (drums), Ted Jani (guitar), Zoran Radomirović (bass guitar) and Saša Lokner (keyboards). The third album, "Krici i šaputanja" was recorded in the new lineup, but once again in cooperation with studio musicians. After the album was released Jugosloveni officially disbanded. (from wikipedia)

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VISOKO MIŠLJENJE - Mačka iz solitera (1980) Single



VISOKO  MIŠLJENJE was an rock band from Zaječar (Serbia), active in the early 80's. This is their only one single record from 1980.

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GOCE NIKOLOVSKI - Anka, Ankice (1973) Single


GOCE NIKOLOVSKI was a Macedonian singer from Skopje (ex-Yugoslavia). In the sixties, he sang in the band DALTONI from Niš. This is his third single from 1973.

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THE MACK - The Mack (1985-1988)


THE MACK was a rock band from Osijek (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their two demo songs from 1985-1988.

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VESELI ORŠOLIĆ - Demo (1975)


VESELI ORŠOLIĆ is Croatian guitar player/multi instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and arranger from Slavonski Brod. He was member of the bands "Had" and  "Supersession" in 70's. Now he lives and works in US under Wesley Orsolic name.

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METEORI - Meteori (1967-1970)



METEORI was formed in 1962, in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). In 1968 they had a big hits "Samo ti" and "Čina". They split up in 1972.

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JOLLY JOKER - Jolly Joker (1985)



JOLLY JOKER was a synth pop band from Rijeka (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1985. (thanks to Sacred Reich)

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OPUS - Opus 1 (1975)



OPUS was formed in 1973 and the original line-up included the founder and organist Miodrag Okrugić, guitar player Miodrag Kostić and bassist Dušan Ćućuz, but soon they split. They were named after Okrugić's composition "Opus No. 1" which he scored during his tenure with the band Yu grupa. Okrugić re-formed Opus in 1975 with bassist Slobodan Orlić, drummer Ljubomir Jerković and singer Dušan Prelević (ex Korni grupa) and soon they recorded their debut "Opus 1", done in the symphonic rock style. It failed to draw attention of the public and the band split again. In various incarnations guitar players in this period were Ljubo Sedlar, Zoran Dasić and Vidoja Bozinović. The final line-up from 1977 re-formation included Okrugić, Orlić, drummer Zelimir Vasić and guitar player Milan Matić, but after fruitless attempts they finally disbanded for good. In addition to their only LP album, they recorded three singles from 1974-77. (by Sead S. Fetahagic)

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AMON RA II - Sjećanja (1971)



AMON RA II was a rock band from Osijek (Croatia), founded in the late sixties, and active until the end of the seventies. Members of the group were Miljenko Gambiraža (vocal, guitar), Antonio Budano (guitar, vocal), Ernest Nappholz (drums) and Miroslav Levakovic (bass guitar, vocal). They recorded a few songs for Radio Osijek.

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DETLIĆI - Moon Shot (1962-1965)



DETLIĆI were the first electric rock band from Novi Sad, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). In 1964 they recorded a few songs for Radio Novi Sad. They formed by brothers Bahun (Perica-guitar, Toma-bass), with his friends Ivan Ramać (rhythm guitar) and Deže Majoroš (drums). They split in 1965.

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