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ČUDEŽNA POLJA - Hej heja, hej (1974) Single


ČUDEŽNA POLJA was formed in 1972, in Maribor (Slovenia). They started with blues and rock, in the 80's and later in the 90's were able to switch to commercial pop music. Members were Gorazd Elvič (guitar, vocal), Rudi Jazbec (guitar, vocal), Slavko Kovačič (bass, vocal), Zdenko Zagorac (keyboards, vocal), Andrej Modrijan (drums - 1972-1979) and Danilo Karba (drums from 1979). This is their second single record from 1974.

IBN TUP - Njen tata (1978) Single


IBN TUP second single record from 1978.

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TONNY MONTANO - Tonny Montano (1986)


TONNY MONTANO, real name Velibor Miljković, is a Serbian rock musician. One of pioneers of psychobilly on the former Yugoslav rock scene. He released his debut album "Tonny Montano" in 1986. The album was produced by Buldožer member Borut Činč (who also played keyboard on the album) and combined punk rock and rockabilly. The album featured songs "Mrak", "Frigdna" and "Boli me zub" previously performed with the band "Radost Evrope". It also featured a cover versions of "Bonnie & Clyde" and Bobby Freeman's "Do You Wanna Dance?". Toni Montano's next record "Talični Tom je mrtav", released in 1987 featured similar sound, and in 1988 he released live album "Live - Mi smo iz Beograda (Mutant party)" which was not well received. (from wikipedia)

TONNY MONTANO - Talični Tom je mrtav (1987) Single


TONNY MONTANO promo single record from 1987.

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ŠAMAR - Prvi šamar (1981)


ŠAMAR was a rock band from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1981.

ZDENKA KOVAČIČEK - Zdenka Kovačiček (1978)


ZDENKA KOVAČIČEK is a Croatian jazz and rock singer. She is one of the most prominent musicians on the ex-Yugoslava music scene. This is her first album from 1978.

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LAND - Soshana (1976) Single

LAND (aka DAH) first single record from 1976.

LAND - Tomorrow (1977) Single



LAND (aka DAH) was a rock band formed in Beograd (Serbia) by Zlatko Manojlović. This is their second single record from 1977.

DAH - Samo jedna noć (1973) Single



DAH second single record from 1973.

DAH - Povratak (1976)



"Povratak" is the second album released by the band DAH.

DAH - Ako poželiš (1973) Single



DAH first single record from 1973.

DAH - Žeđ (1976) Single



"Žeđ" is the sixth single record released by DAH.

DAH - Šošana (1975) Single



"Šošana" is the fifth single record released by DAH.

DAH - Veliki cirkus (1974)



DAH was a rock band formed in Beograd, in 1972, and original members were Zlatko Manojlović (guitar), Branko Marušić Čutura (vocal, guitar), Branko Gluščević (bass) and Radomir Dubičanin (drums). The band appeared at Ljubljana's "Boom Pop Festival '73". They promoted the first 7" single "Ako pozeliš" by playing live in a record store's shopwindow, which was a bit of oddity at the time. Čutura left the band and they continued as trio with Manojlović assuming vocal responsabilities. Velibor Bogdanović soon joined as a new drummer, replacing Dubičanin. This line-up recorded debut album "Veliki cirkus" in 1974. The group enjoyed brief but prominent international success when they recorded hit single "Šošana" during their sojourn in Belgium, in 1975. For this occasion Manojlović was supported by his brother Dragan Mihajlović (violin), Zdenko Pomper (bass) and Stevan Milutinović (drums). While in Belgium, the band used the name "Land", and featured new members. Along with Manojlović and Bogdanović, there were keyboardist Goran Manojlović, Tommy Schpalteholtz and Villy Pulz. "Šošana" single was issued by Polydor across Europe and it even raised to No. 1 on the top list of Radio Morocco. During their stay in Luxembourg in 1975 they played joint sessions with Dutch progressive rock legends Focus. Upon return to Yugoslavia in 1976 they released the second album "Povratak". The band disbanded soon after its release. Manojlović continued with a not-so-successful solo career and formed heavy metal band Gordi in late 1977. (by Seyo)

DAH - Mali princ (1974) Single



"Mali princ" is the fourth single record released by DAH.