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NOVI AKORDI - Novi akordi (1969)



NOVI AKORDI was a rock band from Novi Sad (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their two songs recorded for Radio Novi Sad in 1969.

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URAGANI - Uragani (1966-1968)



URAGANI was the first rock band in ex-Yugoslavia. Band founded by Dario Ottaviani, Ante Škobrnja, Mario Peharda & Saša Sablić 1960 in Rijeka, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). In 1967 they had a big hit "Školjka" and in 1968 they had a second big hit "Deborah". They split up in 1970.

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TIMŠEL - Timšel (1983-1985)


TIMŠEL was a rock band from Osijek (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their two songs from 1983-1985.

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7 MLADIH - Looky Looky (1970) Single



7 MLADIH was formed in Beograd (Serbia), in September 1959. In 1960 they performed on 'Bled jazz festival', and marked their place on Yugoslav musical scene. During 60s and 70s they made hugh sucess in Yugoslavia as musicians as well as excellent comedians. Last concert was held in Sarajevo, May 1991. This is their second single record from 1970. (from

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7 MLADIH - Some Other Guy (1967) EP



7 MLADIH was formed in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) in early sixties. They were very popular in the sixties and seventies. This is their fourth EP from 1967.

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GRUPA ROK - Dva jarca (1973) Single



GRUPA ROK was formed in the early seventies in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (ex-Yugoslavia). In the band, in 1973, drums played Goran Ipe Ivandić, later a member of the Bijelo dugme. This is their first single record from 1973.

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JOSEF K. - Zajedno u snovima (1988)



JOSEF K. was a rock band from Titograd (Crna Gora) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only album from 1988.

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TRIANGL - Glineno oko (1982) Single



TRIANGL was a rock band from Skoplje, Macedonia, active in 70's and 80's. This is their single record from 1982.

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MUDRA SOVA - Mudra sova (1978) Single



MUDRA SOVA was a rock band from Šabac (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia, This is their only one single record from 1978. (thanks to zoxl)