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CACADOU LOOK - Uspavanka za Zoroa (1989)

CACADOU LOOK second and last album from 1989.

CACADOU LOOK - Tko mari za čari (1987)

CACADOU LOOK was formed in Opatija, in 1983, Croatia. They were not the first all-female band in Yugoslavia — at the time, already active were "Tožibabe" from Ljubljana and "Boye" from Novi Sad — but they were the first to achieve a degree of mainstream popularity, helped by radio play of their two demo tracks, "Sama" and "Kao pjesma", and by TV appearances such as those on Stereovizija, a popular 1980s music show broadcast by Radio Television Zagreb. Their first album "Tko mari za čari" (Jugoton, 1987) was produced by Husein Hasanefendić and Tomo in der Mühlen, and featured a guest appearance by Vlada Divljan. The album yielded three hit songs: "Sama", "Kao pjesma" and "Tako lako". Apart from "Tako lako", a cover of Buddy Holly's "It's So Easy", and "Ne dozvoli", which was written by Divljan, all songs on the album were composed by the band. Despite these accomplishments, the band found working in the men-dominated music scene difficult at times, and occasional malicious remarks motivated them to work even harder. Their second and equally successful album "Uspavanka za Zoroa" was released in 1989. Hit tracks from the album were "Baum bam bam", "Budi mi prijatelj", and "Krenite s nama", the latter a cover of Bryan Ferry's "Let's Stick Together". An English version of "Budi mi prijatelj" — named "Be My Friend" — was also recorded, appearing on Yu-Go Pop (Jugoton, 1990), a compilation of Yugoslav pop and rock artists performing their songs in English. Cacadou Look played their last gig in Zagreb on May 25, 1991. Members of the band were not willing to start solo careers — seeing them as meaningless without the band team work — and left the music scene. (from wikipedia)

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BEZIMENI (Skoplje) - Bezimeni (1964-1975)

BEZIMENI were one of the first rock group founded in Skopje (Macedonia) in the early sixties. They recorded a few songs for Radio Skopje, but they have not released any LPs.

GABI NOVAK - Dragi (1968) EP

GABI NOVAK is Croatian pop and jazz singer from Zagreb. She was very popular in 60's, 70's and 80's. This is her ninth EP from 1968.

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ŽARKO DANČUO - Sjećanje na septembar (1966) EP

ŽARKO DANČUO is Serbian pop singer, most popular in 70s and 80s. At the beginning of his career he sang in rock band "Roboti" from Zagreb. This is his first EP from 1966.

ŽARKO DANČUO - Žarko Dančuo (1965-1967)

This is ŽARKO DANČUO cover version of traditional song "The House Of The Rising Sun" from 1965., and cover version of Antoine song "Lolita, Lolita" from 1967.

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