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BAJAGA & INSTRUKTORI - Samo nam je ljubav potrebna (1986) Single

BAJAGA & INSTRUKTORI promo single record from 1986-

BAJAGA & INSTRUKTORI - Jahači magle (1986)

BAJAGA & INSTRUKTORI are a highly popular rock band from Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). The group was founded in Belgrade in 1984 by composer, lyricist and guitarist Momčilo Bajagić Bajaga, and continue to record music today. The group possesses a rich discography and a plethora of hit songs that place them at the very top of the all-time former Yugoslav rock scene, alongside other mega-selling bands such as Bijelo Dugme and Riblja Čorba. This is their third album from 1986. (from wikipedia)

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INVAZIJA - Živana und andere love songs (1988) EP

INVAZIJA is Serbian rock band from Valjevo, formed in 1986. This is their first EP from 1988.

GORAN BREGOVIĆ - Goran Bregović (1976)

"Goran Bregović" is a self-titled album by Bijelo dugme's frontman GORAN BREGOVIĆ, released in 1976 in-between the band's second album "Šta bi dao da si na mom mjestu" and third album "Eto! Baš hoću!". Although the title and sleeve announce it as a solo Goran Bregović record, album is actually a conceptual smorgasbord of different new and recycled material. It consists of five Goran Bregović-composed songs that were never previously released or recorded. They were recorded specifically for this album with Zdenka Kovačiček, Bisera Veletanlić, Jadranka Stojaković, and Milić Vukašinović on vocal. Two already released Bijelo dugme songs (arranged in a slightly different manner this time and re-recorded with Jadranka Stojaković, and Zdravko Čolić on vocals, respectively, instead of the band's singer at the time Željko Bebek), four Bebek-sung tracks, recorded 4 years earlier in 1972 during Bijelo dugme's previous incarnation as "Jutro". Two of those tracks were already released in 1973 on Jutro's single and the other two were being heard by the wider public for the first time on this album. (from wikipedia)

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POLJSKA ŠEVA - Klošar i lopurda (1989) EP

POLJSKA ŠEVA was a rock band from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their EP from 1989. (thanks to dekiman)

CARSKI REZ - Igrao sam na jednu kartu (1983)

CARSKI REZ was a rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia And Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1983.

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ZIJAN - Nizvodno (1990)

ZIJAN was a rock band from Đevđelija (Macedonia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1990. (thanks to solidboy)

FOL JAZIK - Fol jazik (1978-1980)

FOL JAZIK is considered to be the first Macedonian punk rock band, founded in Skopje (Macedonia) by Vlado Hristov-Krle in 1978. The band members were Vlado Hristov (vocals), Sašo Nikolovski (drums), Petar Georgievski (bass) and Bratislav Grković (guitar). The band has recorded two songs, "Children of the XXth century" and "Advertisement", and has appeared in several rock festivals in Skopje (Boom Rock Festival, Skopski Rock Festival and others). In a short period of time they achieved huge popularity in Macedonian and ex-Yugoslavian scene. The band is still considered to be one of the most eccentric and controversial bands in former Yugoslav music, with music, stage, energy, and explosivity. In the middle of 1979, they were disbanded. In 1979, the singer Vlado Hristov formed a new structure of Fol Jazik, with Vladimir Petrovski (guitar), Branko Spasovski (bass) and Spend Ibraimi (drums). They had many concerts in Skopje and Macedonia and they record 10 demo tapes (but at this moment they are lost). In the end of the 1980 this band has disband. Fol Jazik left a deep influence over Macedonian punk rock scene for generation of musicians to come. (wikipedia)

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FOL JEZIK - Mala super dama (1985) Single

FOL JEZIK one and only one single record from 1985.

KERBER - Ljudi i bogovi (1988)

In 1988 the KERBER released their fourth album "Ljudi i bogovi", produced by Đorđe Petrović. Major hits were "Svet se brzo okreće", "Od srca daleko" and "Na raskršću".