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ARHANGEL - Arhangel (1990)

ARHANGEL is a Macedonian alternative rock band formed in 1989. The frontman is Risto Vrtev who has also been part of such rock bands as Mizar and Inola X. The line-up is: Risto Vrtev (vocal), Dragan Ginovski (guitars), Petar Jankov (bass) and Dimitar Dimovski (drums). Arhangel has released five albums (four studio and one live) which have been met with both critical and commercial success. The band's sound is both muscular and melodic at the same time, echoing post-punk icons such as the English The Smiths and the Serbian Ekaterina Velika, while the band's lyrical inspirations focus is on the country's political and cultural changes during the 1990s. The band is also associated with the art movement Makedonska Streljba (Macedonian Barrage) during the 1980s and the 1990s. (from wikipedia)

POLSKA MALCA - Demos (1987)

POLSKA MALCA demo songs from 1987.

POLSKA MALCA - Mojster s snežinko (1989)

POLSKA MALCA is an Slovenian punk/alt-rock/hadcore/experimental band from Posavje, formed in 1982 in former Yugoslavia. The group worked with a few brakes, but was constantly together until 1994. They came to their highest point from the middle to the end of 80's, with their concerts across the Europe. After 13 years of inactivity they got together again in 2007. (from discogs.com)

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BRAZIL - Dvije pjesme (1989-1990)

BRAZIL was a synth pop band from Sisak, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). The band released only demo tape "Glasovi u kući" in 1990. These are their two songs from that demo tape.

TREĆI SET - Sjećanje (1976)

TREĆI SET was a rock band from Osijek (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one song from 1976.

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GREŠNICI - Zadnji odsjaj sreće (1970-1975)

GREŠNICI established in 1964, in Zagreb, Croatia (ex Yugoslavia). The founder of the group was guitarist and songwriter Vladimir Delač. These songs they recorded in the period between 1970-1975.

GREŠNICI - Susret (1973) Single

GREŠNICI sixth single record from 1973.