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QUATEBRIGA - The Choice Of The New Generation (1987)


QUATEBRIGA second album from 1987.

QUATEBRIGA - Revolution In The Zoo (1985)


Jazz-rock group QUATEBRIGA started in 1984, in Ljubljana (Slovenia) when their leader, saxophone player Milko Lazar teamed up with former Begnagrad members - guitarist Igor Leonardi, bassist Nino De Gleria, drummer Aleš Rendla and later with David Jarh. In the following years, the group changed a couple of members, but the firm base remaining Lazar-DeGleria-Rendla trio. In that time, also some other musicians were working with the band: Branko Mirt, Matjaž Albreht, Aci Lukač and Agim Brizani. In 1989 Lazar breakes off with Quatebriga, having recorded two albums in avant-jazz/rio style - "Revolution In The Zoo" and "The Choice Of The New Generation", and continues with solo career. In 1995 Lazar rejoins Quatebriga, and in 1997 the group recorded its last record "Post Mortem Dump" and after a decade of performing, they finish their ways. (by Seyo S. Fetahagić)

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HAD - Sunčani dan (1973) Single


HAD second single record from 1973 and then they split up.

HAD - Nebeski dar (1972) Single


HAD was a rock band, formed in 1971, in Osijek, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). Members of the band were Davor Brkić (bass), Veseljko Oršolić (guitar) and Rajko Svilar (drums). This is their first single record from 1972 with big hit "Nebeski dar".

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DESETI BRAT - Madona dejmi danes (1985)


DESETI BRAT was a Slovenian New wave rock band formed in Koper 1981, active from 1981-1988. Band members were: Drago Mislej (vocal), Igor Korenika (bass), Vlasti Kozlovič (drums), Duilio Peroša (guitar), Zoran Mlekuž (guitar) and Gorast Radojević (keyboards). (from wikipedia)

SUNCOKRET - Moje bube (1977)


SUNCOKRET was a former Yugoslav acoustic rock band from Beograd. The band was formed in 1975 by Bora Đorđević (vocals and acoustic guitar), Nenad Božić (vocals and acoustic guitar) and female singers Snežana Jandrlić and Vesna Rakočević. After releasing the single "Kara Mustafa", Vesna Rakočević left the band and joined the band Zdravo, and Bilja Krstić and Gorica Popović became new Suncokret members. At the half of 1976 they were joined by bass guitarist Bata Sokić. The band released several successful singles, some of them inspired by old folk songs. In 1976, they appeared in Mića Milošević's movie "Tit for Tat", and some of their songs were used in the movie.They performed at the 1976 BOOM festival in Beograd, and a live version of their song "Moj đerdane" was released on the BOOM '76 live album. With disk jockey Zoran Modli they recorded humorous songs under the name Hajduk Stanko i Jataci. Their debut album "Moje bube" was released in 1977. Album featured previously released "Kara Mustafa" and "Moje tuge", humorous songs "Vuk i krava" and "Oglas" and ballads "Uspavanka", "Ni sam ne znam kada" and "Prvi sneg", last one, written by Dušan Mihajlović Spira (later the leader of band Doktor Spira i ljudska ćića), becoming one of Suncokret's signature songs. A live version of "Prvi sneg" was released on the BOOM '77 live album. After the album was released, keyboardist Duško Nikodijević and drummer Ljubinko Milošević became band's permanent members. In 1978, the band members refused to perform Đorđević's song "Lutka sa naslovne strane", so Đorđević and Biljana Krstić left the band and joined Rani Mraz, Đorđević remaining in Rani Mraz shortly and in 1979 forming hard rock band Riblja Čorba which will eventually become one of the top acts of the former Yugoslav rock scene. Snežana Jandrlić continued to lead new, electricized Suncokret lineup, which featured Sokić, Nikodijević and Dušan "Duda" Bezuha (guitar) and Vladimir Golubović (drums). After Golubović and Bezuha left the band, bass guitarist Branko Isaković and drummer Ivan Vdović became new Suncokret members, but after only two singles released, the band disbanded due to the members' dissidence. In 1995 Suncokret reunited for several acoustic performances. (from wikipedia)

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SEDMINA - II dejanje (1982)


Former Yugoslavian and Slovenian singer/songwriter Veno Dolenc and his wife Melita formed an acoustic progressive folk band SEDMINA in Ljubljana 1977, with Lado Jakša (clarinet, piano, flute), Edi Stefančič (acoustic guitar) and Božidar Ogorevc (violin, viola). Sedmina used traditional instruments and gave an alternative interpretation of folk songs. Being also a fine artist, Dolenc created interesting surrealist and dreamlike artwork of their album covers. After two albums, Veno and Melita divorced so the band split apart. The first two albums "Sedmina" and "II dejanje" are essential listen to any psychedelic/acid ethno and prog folk fans who enjoy acoustic music with male/female vocals. (by Seyo)