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BRAZIL - Dvije pjesme (1989-1990)

BRAZIL was a synth pop band from Sisak, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). The band released only demo tape "Glasovi u kući" in 1990. These are their two songs from that demo tape.

TREĆI SET - Sjećanje (1976)

TREĆI SET was a rock band from Osijek (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one song from 1976.

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GREŠNICI - Zadnji odsjaj sreće (1970-1975)

GREŠNICI established in 1964, in Zagreb, Croatia (ex Yugoslavia). The founder of the group was guitarist and songwriter Vladimir Delač. These songs they recorded in the period between 1970-1975.

GREŠNICI - Susret (1973) Single

GREŠNICI sixth single record from 1973.

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FORA - Fora (1983-1984)

FORA was a rock band from Macedonia (ex-Yugoslavia) active in 80's. These are their four songs from that period,

LUBLANSKI PSI - Himne naše mladosti (1979-1981)

LUBLANSKI PSI were a punk rock band from Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). These are their some recordings from 1979-1981.

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NIET - Ritem človeštva (1984-1988)

NIET was an Slovenian punk-rock band from Ljubljana, active in period 1983-1988. With new line-up band was activated again in 1993, releasing one more album and disbanding for good soon after. 

PADOT NA VIZANTIJA - Padot na Vizantija (1984-85)

PADOT NA VIZANTIJA was an influential 1980s post-punk, darkwave and gothic rock band with occasional Byzantine music elements and orthodox Christian beliefs from Skopje, SR Macedonia (ex-Yugoslavia). The group is notable for its guitar player Klime Kovačeski and vocalist Goran Trajkoski who rose to international prominence as a frontman of the group "Anastasia" which was featured on the soundtrack album for the Academy Award nominated movie "Prije kiše" directed by Milčo Mančevski. The most prominent tracks by Padot na Vizantija are "Početok i kraj" and "Sepak istata sostojba". They performed in Skopje, Kumanovo, Štip, Niš, Banja Luka, Sarajevo and Zagreb among others. (from wikipedia)

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PROBLEMI - Djeca reforme (1978-1980)

PROBLEMI were a punk rock band from Pula, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia), active from the end of 1970’s to the beginning of 1980’s. They have recorded one demo and two songs for RTVLJ compilation “Novi Punk Val”. 

KONTRARITAM - Kontraritam (1982)

KONTRARITAM was a Serbian ska band from Novi Sad, active in period 1980-1982 in former Yugoslavia. Members were Sreten Kovačević (guitar, sax, backing vocals), Jan Pavlov (vocals, keyboards), Horvat Žolt (guitar), Boris Oslovčan (bass), Dimitrije Radulović (bass, backing vocals) and Robert Radić (drums). This is their only one album from 1982.