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MERLIN - Merlin (1987)



MERLIN third album from 1987.

DELFINI - Kolekcija (1965-1967)


DELFINI started in 1963 in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia).They recorded their first EP, with great cover of "Gloria", after playing on festival "Zagreb 66". Also on 7"EP "Zagreb 66" there is one song where they play with singer Zvonko Špišić. On their 2nd 7" is already famous 60s punk killer "Bebel". His music is raw rhythm'n'blues garage punk. They played abroad - also in Star Club, Hamburg. (from wanadoo.nl)

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DELFINI - Noćas kad si otišla (1967) EP


When it comes to 60's, there was thousands of rock'n'roll and garage bands all over Yugoslavia. However, only a very few bands made any records. This is the story of a band which recorded perhaps the most exciting garage rock EP in the 60's. Their name is DELFINI and they come from Zagreb. Several students with a professional singer Zdenko Juran formed Delfini in 1963. They played together for several years until record label Jugoton cut them a deal and published their first EP record. Their energy and creativity especially unleashed in an explosive James Brown cover "I'll Go Crasy". However, the real highlight is an addictive blues version of the Macedonian folk song "Kaleš bre Anđo" , with an amazing keyboard solo by Petko Kantardžijev. Nikola Sarapa also delivered a fine guitar work. Much later in his career, Sarapa had an excellent hard rock band called Stop mostly based on Jimmy Hendrix covers. Unfortunately, the EP was also the end of Delfini's creative period. By the end of 1967 Juran and the bass player Raymond Rujić hired the entire new crew and published their second EP with an inferior musicianship. Still, their song "Bebel" about the French actor Jean Paul Belmondo form their second EP is regarded as a wonderful example of proto-punk. (from blogs.myspace.com)

KROM - Demo (1986-1989)


KROM was a hard rock band from Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). This is their demo songs from 1986-1989. (thanks to hermit & donovan)

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BUMERANG - Najdi si drugega (1972) Single


After break up of group Kameleoni, Zlatko Klun (drums), Danilo Kocijančić (guitar), Petar Veri Gorjup (guitar) and Ladi Koradin (bass) formed group BUMERANG, in 1971, in Koper, Slovenia. They had major success with Status Quo on Yugoslavian tour and played with Barcley James Harvest in Subotica. First single "Najdi si drugega" they released in 1972, second single "Živjeti iznad tebe bar jedan dan" in 1979, first album "Boomerang " in 1979 and second album "Na zapadu ništa novo" in 1982. (from exyupoprockmadness.blogspot.com)

BOOMERANG - Na zapadu ništa novo (1982)


BOOMERANG second album from 1982.

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DACHAU - Demo Album (1989)


DACHAU is one of the best underground ex-Yugoslavian thrash/heavy metal bands, hailing from the city of Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina). They disbanded in the early 90's, just as the war started. They managed to record several demos during their active time. The band was highly influenced by the thrash metal scene of the 80's and some more melodic heavy acts (Queensryche, Deep Purple etc.). (from net)

ZEBRA - Kažu da takav je red (1979)


ZEBRA one and only one album from 1979.

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CENTER ZA DEHUMANIZACIJO - Razkritje krinke (1985-1990)


CENTER ZA DEHUMANIZACIJO collection of their songs from 1985-1990.

CENTER ZA DEHUMANIZACIJO - Demonstracije (1987)


CENTER ZA DEHUMANIZACIJO was Slovenian alter-rock band formed in 1983 in Maribor (ex-Yugoslavia). In different phases of their work they played punk rock, industrial rock, electro pop, and even had acoustic performances. Members were Dušan Hedl (guitar, vocals), Bojan Tomažič (sampler, effects, vocals), Boštjan Imenšek (guitar, backing vocals), Franci Novak (drums) and Silvo Zemljič (bass, backing vocals). This is their first album recorded in club "Trate" in 1987., and published in 2010. (from discogs.com)

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ROK MAŠINA - Rok mašina (1981)


ROK MAŠINA was formed in 1980 by former "Pop Mašina" members Robert Nemeček (vocals and bass guitar) and brothers Zoran and Vidoja Božinović (guitars). Soon afterwards, a former member of the band "Pop Šou", Vladan Dokić (drums) joined the band. They had its first live appearance in 1980, in Zagreb, as a part of the event named "Pozdrav iz Beograda". Soon afterwards the band released the album "Rok Mašina" through Jugodisk record label. Later that year, Dragan Đorđević, a former member of "Generacija 5", replaced Dokić, but at the time of the great popularity of New Wave bands in former Yugoslavia, the future for the band was not very promising, and they disbanded in 1982, while recording their second studio album. (from wikipedia)

NUCLEARCHY - Dead Broke (1988-1989)


NUCLEARCHY was trash metal band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their demo recordings from 1988-1989. (thanks to arlly slash)