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FLEKE - Demo Recordings (1978-1981)


FLEKE were a punk rock band from Niš (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their demo recordings from 1978-1981.

FLEKE - Izabrane pesme (1980-1987)


FLEKE was formed in 1978, in Niš, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). They never recorded no one album. They released only one single in 1980. This is their demo songs from 1980-1987.

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TAKO - U vreći za spavanje (1980)


Like TAKO first album, this second release has nice flute, guitar, and keyboard and a mellotron parts. Album "U vreći za spavanje" is another memorable work of Yugoslavian prog rock.

TAKO - Tako (1978)


TAKO was formed in 1974, in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) by Dušan "Dule" Ćućuz (bass guitar, vocals), Đorđe Ilijin (keyboards, harmonica, flute, harp, vocals), Sava Bojić (guitar, vocals) and Milan "Mića Žorž" Lolić (drums). Previously, Dušan Ćućuz was a member of Džentlmeni and Plameni 6, he was one of the original Opus members and in the first half of the 1970s he worked as YU grupa's sound engineer, Sava Bojić was one of the original Pop Mašina members, and Đorđe Ilijin worked as a music teacher and often appeared as a guest musician on other bands' album recordings. During 1975 they made their first demo recordings, the songs "Čujem svoje misli", "Daždevnjak", "Lena" and "Čudan grad", in Radio Beograd studios. In 1977 guitarist and singer Miroslav Dukić and drummer Slobodan Felekatović replaced Bojić and Lolić and the band took part in Bijelo Dugme's concert at Hajdučka česma. In November 1977 Tako and progressive/acoustic rock band "S vremena na vreme" organized a quadraphonic sound concert in Belgrade Youth Center. The band also had a successful appearance at the 1978 Novi Sad BOOM festival. After they were refused as "non-commercial" by several major record labels, they signed for ZKP RTLJ after their performance at the Youth Festival in Subotica. The band released their debut self-titled album in 1978. The album featured symphonic rock-oriented songs with jazz elements. The song "Lena" featured Asim Sarvan on vocals. The song "Minijatura" was a tribute to the band Jethro Tull. The band promoted the album with a free concert held at Kalemegdan. After another quadraphonic sound concert organized with "S vremena na vreme" in Belgrade Youth Center, Tako went on hiatus in 1979 because Đorđe Ilijin got arthritis and Miroslav Dukić left the band. A year later the band continued their activity. Their second album, "U vreći za spavanje", was released in September 1980. Every song on the album was produced by the member of the band who wrote it. The band went on a tour, however, due to the departure of Slobodan Felekatović, who left the band due to his army obligations, and due to the great popularity of New Wave bands, Tako disbanded. They held their farewell concert at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy at the beginning of 1981. (from

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FARAONI - Berač (1970) EP


FARAONI was a rock band from Izola, Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavija). They formed in 1967 and they are stil active in music. In 1970 they recorded one good EP with three strong compositions.

SAMONIKLI - Samonikli (1963-1969)


SAMONIKLI was formed in 1963, in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) by four high school students. The band was named after a book of short stories by Slovenian writer Prežihov Voranc. Group members changed frequently in that early period, but by 1964 they stabilized in the following lineup: Marin Pečjak (vocals), Milan Pavlov (guitar), Marko Novaković (bass guitar), Bojan Drndić (rhythm guitar) and Vukašin Veljković (drums). Initially the band performed at school proms and college dance parties. The band covered rock hits, as well as traditional songs and 1930s and 1940s schlagers, while their own songs were mostly The Shadows-inspired instrumentals. In 1965 and 1966 they played regularly at dances at the Beograd University School of Technology and soon became widely popular. In 1966 they won first place at a country-wide Youth Festival of rock bands, which entitled them to represent their country at an international festival of youth orchestras in Hungary, which featured the best Eastern European groups of that time (Illés, Metró, Omega, etc.), where they were viewed as a "western" group. The April 1966 issue of Beograd youth magazine "Susret" wrote that Samonikli were the first "electric guitar band" in Beograd to work with a group of violinists, preparing their subsequent two recordings ("Dozvoljavate li gospodine" and "Povetarac i ja", the latter of which became one of the top hits of 1966 on a popular Radio Beograd II music program called "Muzički automat"). At the end of 1966 they were joined by the drummer Branislav Grujić. They were featured in a very popular series of shows on Beograd Television called "Koncert za ludi mladi svet". Their recordings were featured in many popular radio programs, including "Nedeljom u devet i pet", produced and hosted by Nikola Karaklajić. Toward the end of their career in 1967 and 1968, they covered many hits by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. They broke up in early 1969 to pursue other professional interests. (from wikipedia)


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GRUPA TOČAK - Ti se praviš luda (1979) Single


GRUPA TOČAK was a rock band from Bijeljina (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one single record never published. (thanks to gajicko994)

DEČACI SA DUNAVA - Kratki revolver (1964-1967)


DEČACI SA DUNAVA founded in 1964, in Novi Sad, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). They recorded a few instrumental cover songs and they split up in 1967.

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ZLATNI AKORDI - Sunce sja samo za nas (1966-1969)


ZLATNI AKORDI were formed in 1963. As many other bands from 60s they also played on parties. In 1965 they played on First Beat Festival in Zagreb. They toured Lebanon in 1966 and in december same year they record their first 7" EP with great cover of "My Generation". After many members changes in 1967 and 1968 - Josipa Lisac become their singer. Her deep and strange voice gives Zlatni Akordi very specific and unique sound. The flower power movement influences are very strong in their later works. The greatest was song "Sunce sja za nas" which appears on Subotica 68-Youth Festival 7"EP. But very soon Josipa Lisac leaves them. It's not the end of Zlatni akordi. They help Josipa with her solo works in studio, but also on concerts. Their set is mix of Jimi Hendrix, Cream and other covers and their own works. In 1975 they split. Josipa Lisac records lot of albums during the 70s and 80s and becomes one of the most extravagant singers in ex-Yugoslavia. (from wikipedia)


ZLATNI AKORDI - Moć snova (1977) Single


ZLATNI AKORDI fourth single record from 1977.

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KONTROLA LETA - Rock'n roll u parku (1983)


KONTROLA LETA was a rock band from Zagreb (Croatia), active in the early of 80's. This is their only one album from 1983.

PERTINAX - Pertinax (1982)


PERTINAX was a rock band from Koprivnica (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. These are three demo songs from 1982.

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ĐAVOLI - Ljubav i moda (1986)


ĐAVOLI were pop-rock band from Split (Croatia), formed in 1983, by Neno Belan (guitar, vocal and composer). Their music was inspired by 1950s rock and roll. They performed until 1991, when Yugoslav wars started. After that Neno Belan decided for solo career and performing mostly abroad. In 1998 he reunited Đavoli, but they disbanded once again, this time for ever. Neno Belan is still active in music business. (from wikipedia)