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OKO - Raskorak (1976)


OKO was a rock band formed in 1972, in Ljubljana (ex-Yugoslavia) by the lead singer and guitarist Pavel Kavec. The original line-up included also Miro Tomassini on bass and Jani Tutta on drums. In 1973 the drummer Tutta was replaced by Dragan Gajič. In this period they played mostly blues-based hard rock repertoire with Kavec developing unique although largely Hendrix-influenced guitar style. Later on they also included innovative elements of jazz-rock into their songs. In early 1975 the rhythm section joined another prog rock band from Ljubljana - Jutro, so Kavec assembled the new group with drummer Tone Dimnik and bassist Franjo Martinec, which recorded the 7" single "Vse sem dal ti". During the recording sessions for their debut LP "Raskorak" in 1976 Kavec again lost his rhythm section - Dimnik moved to avant-rock group Buldožer, while Martinec left music business in order to study at a college. In late 1976 OKO re-grouped, this time with drummer Zlatko Klun (ex Boomerang) and bassist Igor Bošnjak, who played on tour promoting "Raskorak". OKO disbanded in 1978 having not gained much fame in SFR Yugoslavia. Although OKO remained an obscure band outside of Slovenia, they were important for prog scene in Yugoslavia as the followers of heavy progressive rock style under the influence of Hendrix, Cream, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and sharing the sensibility of similar Yugoslav bands like Pop Mašina, Dah, Fire or Drugi Način. (from

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