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TAKO - Tako (1978)


TAKO was formed in 1974, in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) by Dušan "Dule" Ćućuz (bass guitar, vocals), Đorđe Ilijin (keyboards, harmonica, flute, harp, vocals), Sava Bojić (guitar, vocals) and Milan "Mića Žorž" Lolić (drums). Previously, Dušan Ćućuz was a member of Džentlmeni and Plameni 6, he was one of the original Opus members and in the first half of the 1970s he worked as YU grupa's sound engineer, Sava Bojić was one of the original Pop Mašina members, and Đorđe Ilijin worked as a music teacher and often appeared as a guest musician on other bands' album recordings. During 1975 they made their first demo recordings, the songs "Čujem svoje misli", "Daždevnjak", "Lena" and "Čudan grad", in Radio Beograd studios. In 1977 guitarist and singer Miroslav Dukić and drummer Slobodan Felekatović replaced Bojić and Lolić and the band took part in Bijelo Dugme's concert at Hajdučka česma. In November 1977 Tako and progressive/acoustic rock band "S vremena na vreme" organized a quadraphonic sound concert in Belgrade Youth Center. The band also had a successful appearance at the 1978 Novi Sad BOOM festival. After they were refused as "non-commercial" by several major record labels, they signed for ZKP RTLJ after their performance at the Youth Festival in Subotica. The band released their debut self-titled album in 1978. The album featured symphonic rock-oriented songs with jazz elements. The song "Lena" featured Asim Sarvan on vocals. The song "Minijatura" was a tribute to the band Jethro Tull. The band promoted the album with a free concert held at Kalemegdan. After another quadraphonic sound concert organized with "S vremena na vreme" in Belgrade Youth Center, Tako went on hiatus in 1979 because Đorđe Ilijin got arthritis and Miroslav Dukić left the band. A year later the band continued their activity. Their second album, "U vreći za spavanje", was released in September 1980. Every song on the album was produced by the member of the band who wrote it. The band went on a tour, however, due to the departure of Slobodan Felekatović, who left the band due to his army obligations, and due to the great popularity of New Wave bands, Tako disbanded. They held their farewell concert at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy at the beginning of 1981. (from progarchives.com)

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