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TUNEL - Noćni prolaz (1982)


TUNEL was formed in 1980 by Ljuba Ninković (a former "S vremena na vreme member", guitar), Vladimir "Vlada" Janković "Džet" (a former "Crni Biseri" member, bass guitar), and Steva Stevanović (a former SOS member, drums). The band presented themselves with the melodic classic rock-isnpired sound, and during the initial years performed mostly on collective concerts with other bands. In 1982, they released their debut album "Noćni prolaz", produced by Robert Nemeček, through Jugodisk. Five tracks were written by Ninković, and four by Janković. The album featured minor hits "Natali", "Radio", "Svako je zna", and "Volim sax", and a cover of Steppenwolf's song "Born to Be Wild". In 1983, the band released album "Niz tri tamne ulice", also produced by Robert Nemeček, also through Jugodisk. Besides the tracks written by Ninković and Janković, the album featured song "A sad je svemu kraj" a cover of a Bobby Womack song "It's All Over Now". In 1984, the band was joined by the guitarist Vlada Negovanović (a former "Butik", "Doktor Spira i ljudska bića", and Slađana Milošević's backing band "Ljudi" member). This lineup recorded the album "Elektirčna iluzija", produced by Đorđe Petrović and released in 1984 through PGP-RTB. In 1987, the band released the album "Do poslednje kapi...", produced by the band themselves and Bata Kostić, trough PGP-RTB. The album featured a Serbian language cover of Willie Dixon's song "Little Red Rooster", entitled "Crveni petao". The album featured Kostić (on guitar) and Ninković's former bandmate from "S vremena na vreme", Asim Sarvan (on vocals) as guest musicians. In 1987, Negovanović moved to Dejan Cukić's "Spori Ritam Band". The band's new member became Predrag Guculj, who previously performed with Rambo Amadeus. In 1991, the band released the album "Bubnjevi preko reke", produced by themselves, through PGP-RTB. The song "Bela lađa" featured rock veteran Branko Marušić "Čutura" on vocals. The album featured a Serbian language cover of The Doors song "Love Street", entitled "Ulica ljubavi". The song "Još uvek (volim sax)" featured guitarist Borko Mitić, and the album also featured Bilja Krstić, Asim Sarvan, and Željko Marinković on backing vocals, and Saša Lokner on keyboards. In 1992, when Ninković started working with reunited "S vremena na vreme", Tunel disbanded. (from wikipedia)

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