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RAŠA ĐELMAŠ - Hot Rock (1982)


RATISLAV RAŠA ĐELMAŠ started his career as the drummer in the band Anđeli, continuing it in bands Hendriksova deca, Mobi Dik and Felix. In 1972, he became a member of Pop mašina, later that year he moved to Siluete, and finally to YU Grupa. With YU Grupa he recorded the albums "YU Grupa" (1973), "Kako to da svaki dan?" (1974)[1] and YU Grupa (1975), before leaving it and forming Zebra in 1976. With Zebra he released the album "Kažu da takav je red" (1979), on which he played drums and keyboards and sung. In 1982, he released the solo album "Hot rok", which featured Đelmaš on drums and vocals, Bata Kostić on guitar and Laza Ristovski on keyboards. After the album release Đelmaš retired from music and dedicated himself to auto racing and his restaurant. In 1989 he returned to YU Grupa, and with the band recorded albums "Tragovi" (1990) and "Rim 1994" (1995). At the end of 1990s, he left YU Grupa. (from wikipedia)

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