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RADOMIR MIHAILOVIĆ TOČAK is guitarist, composer and leader of the band SMAK. His playing style is characterised by mixture of emotional expression and unique technique. Among other things, his specific style includes skillful fingerpicking and vibrato techniques. In many compositions he uses non-standard string tunings along with natural effects obtained from the guitar amplifier. For a long time he's been running his own guitar school. As a solo artist he took part in many recording sessions of other bands. Together with Slobodan Stojanović on drums and Mikica Milosavljević on bass, he is playing in a trio called TEK. He also composed soundtracks for film and theatre, and in 1994 he was awarded for the "Byzantine Blue" film score. Točak is also engaged in experimenting with computers while composing. (by Sead S. Fetahagić)

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