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MAJKE - Rani radovi (1984-1987)


MAJKE are a cult Croatian hard rock band from town Vinkovci on the eastern border of Croatia. Founded in 1984 in Vinkovci, Majke are one of the many bands to appear in a city that had a particularly vibrant rock and alternative scene. The band started playing under the influence of bands like: Flamin' Groovies, Led Zeppelin, MC5, Steppenwolf, The Stooges and New York Dolls. In 1990 the group released their first album "Razum i Bezumlje". All that came to a crashing end in 1991 with the outbreak of the war and Vinkovci becoming one of the battlefields. Majke were the only band to survive, mostly thanks to its frontman Goran Bare who was the only constant member of the band. In 1993 they released their second album "Razdor" with a hit song "Krvarim od dosade". In 1994 after a series of well received concerts all over Croatia they released their third album called "Milost" with the now famous single "Ja sam budućnost". The 1996 was their most successful year. They released their successful album to date called "Vrijeme je da se krene" with hits like: "Mene ne zanima", "Odvedi me" and "A ti još plačes". In 1997. they released a live album "Život uživo". Their last album was released in 1998 under the title of "Put do srca sunca". In Spring 2000 the band announced they had split, but some concerts were held in 2001 due to contractual obligations. In Spring of 2007 Goran Bare regathered "Majke" and on 9 March they performed concert in Zagreb in legendary Tvornica. These are their early recordings from 1984-1987. Still active. (from wikipedia)

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