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KRUNOSLAV SLABINAC - Rock And Roll (1981-1985)

KRUNOSLAV SLABINAC (born in 1944 in Osijek, Croatia) is a singer, guitarist, composer and arranger. He is the founder of the rock band "Dinamiti". After returning from military service continues his musical career as a solo artist and moved to Zagreb where he performed songs of Tom Jones and Elvis Presley. After the mid-1970s, he resided in the United States, returning to the country turns to the original folk music with which he achieved great success in his career.

TORPEDA - Torpeda (1986-1990)

TORPEDA was alternative rock and rockabilly revival band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. The band was active from 1986-1990. Their biggest success was first prize awarded by both the jury and the audience at the Festival "Omladina" in Subotica, 1989. They never released an album. (thanks to sveto)

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DAN ZA DANOM - Put (1974-1975)

DAN ZA DANOM was acoustic trio from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Zoran Kotlajić (vocal, guitar), Zoran Brajusković (vocal, guitar, mandoline) and Nenad Mitrović (flute).

ZDENKA VUČKOVIĆ - Gdje su ti dani (1968) EP

ZDENKA VUČKOVIĆ sixth EP from 1968., recorded with the band "Indexi".

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ZLATNI DEČACI - Najbolje godine (1966-1967)

ZLATNI DEČACI were formed in 1962, in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). Their first name was The Tigers but advised by Nikola Karaklajić (famous Yugoslav international chess player and journalist) they change it into Zlatni dečaci. In the beginning they played on parties. Beat music was taboo in early 60s for many radio programs. So, they made beat covers of four classical music parts just to be played on radio. Their friend and big fan Nikola Karaklajić brought those recordings to Holland. Record company "Fontana" puti it out as 7"EP of Golden Boys. Next year the same record comes out in Yugoslavia. Very soon they become popular and their next single is sold out in 100000 copies. In 1966 they are going as young chess players to England with their big fan Nikola (as chess players they didn't have many problems to get visa's for U.K.) and there they played a few gigs mixing famous beat and Yugoslav folk covers. After that they recorded one of the best selling 60s records in Yugoslavia together with famous singer Miki Jevremović. "18 žutih ruža" EP was sold out in 200000 copies. On that EP they covered "The House Of The Rising Sun". They split up in 1967 after "Beogradsko proleće" festival. (from

ZLATNI DEČACI - Čudna devojka (1966) EP

ZLATNI DEČACI first EP from 1966.

ZLATNI DEČACI - Humoreska (1966) EP

ZLATNI DEČACI second EP from 1966.


ZLATNI DEČACI third EP from 1967.

THE GOLDEN BOYS - Swan Lake (1965) Single

THE GOLDEN BOYS (aka ZLATNI DEČACI) single record realized by the record company Fontana in 1965, for European market. (thanks to sveto)

ZLATNI DEČACI - Muzika iz filma "Kuda posle kiše" (1967) Single

ZLATNI DEČACI music from the movie "Kuda posle kiše" from 1967.

MOST - Klizavi provod (1982)

MOST was a rock band from Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one album from 1982.

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MOST - Plave oči (1979) Single

MOST one and only one single record from 1979. (thanks to sveto)

TORANJ 77 - Miting (1980)

TORANJ 77 was a jazz rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Željko Kovačević (tenor saxophone), Davor Črnigoj (bass), Ante Mažuran (guitar), Krešimir Klemenčić (piano) and Ivo Bebek (drums). This is their one and only one album from 1980.

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GNJEVNI CRV - Nađeno u močvari (1990)

GNJEVNI CRV was a short-lived rock band founded by Goran Bare (ex-Majke), Zoki (ex-Pokvarena mašta) and Krljo (ex-Kaotične duše, Skol). These are their recordings from 1990.

PONOĆNI EXPRESS - Ponoćni Express (1989)

PONOĆNI EXPRESS was a pop rock band from Split, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). This is their first album from 1989.

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MODELI - Model 1 (1981)

MODELI was formed in early 80s in Dubrovnik (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Vjekoslav Van Zajec (guitar, bass, back vocals), Srečko Mac Kljunak (bass, lead vocals) and Mime Van Der Restovich (drums, percusions and back vocals). This is their one and only one album from 1981.

DRAGO MLINAREC - Kolekcija (1971-1983) 8 CD Box

DRAGO MLINAREC collection of eight albums from 1971-1983.