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TOMAŽ PENGOV - Odpotovanja (1973)

TOMAŽ PENGOV is an acoustic guitar player and singer/songwriter from Ljubljana, Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). He recorded his first album "Odpotovanja" in 1973, reissued in 1981 in stereo. The original mono edition is very rare now. Pengov sings and plays 12 string guitar and lute. His music is original, the closest comparison is perhaps early Leonard Cohen. He took eight years (from 1980 to 1988) to record his second album, "Pripovedi", recorded with guest musicians. The music is still acoustic, but more varied. Later in the 1990s, he recorded two more albums, "Rimska cesta"(1992) and "Biti tu"(1995). (from answers.com)

TOMAŽ PENGOV - Pripovedi (1988)

TOMAŽ PENGOV took eight years (from 1980 to 1988) to record his second album, "Pripovedi", recorded with guest musicians. The music is still acoustic, but more varied.

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S.T.R.A.H. - Mesec (1988) EP

STRAH first EP from 1988.

BIRDLAND - Darkness Of Light (1980)

BIRDLAND was obscure jazz rock group formed by Serbian students in Bern, Switzerland during the spring of 1978. The initial line-up was Predrag Banković on guitars, Dragan Marinković on bass, Boris Relja on piano, Beat Rauch on drums and Umil Bengi on percussion. In 1979, when Bridland returned to Yugoslavia to record their first album for Radio Televizija Beograd, Marinković and Bengi left the band, Rauch switched from drums to percussion and Borivoje Vukadinović (bass) along with Peter Hurni (drums) joined the band. (from apps79, RYM)

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GENERACIJA 5 - Umoran od svega (1979) Single

GENERACIJA 5 was officially formed on July 1, 1977 by Dragoljub Ilić (keyboard), Boban Đorđević (drums), Jovan Rašić (vocals), Dragan "Krle" Jovanović (guitar) and Dušan "Duda" Petrović (bass guitar). They released their debut 7" single with songs "Novi život" and "Izgubljeni san" in May 1978, and after the single release performed on the rock evening of Omladinski festival in Subotica. Soon after, Petrović left the band due to his army obligations, and was temporarily replaced by Miloš Stojisavljević. In 1979, Generacija 5 released their second 7" single with songs "Svemu dođe kraj" and "Noćni mir". They performed at the music festival in Opatija and won the Best Use of Folk Music Elements Award. In October Rašić left the band, and was replaced by Goran Milošević, with whom the band moved towards more commercial sound. In November, they released their third 7" single with songs "Umoran od svega" and their cult ballad "Ti samo budi dovoljno daleko". At the time, their music was used in Zoran Čalić's movie "Došlo doba da se ljubav proba". After the "Umoran od svega" single release, the band started experimenting with jazz rock and soon gained a loyal fan-base. The critics, however, criticized the band for their lyrics and the fact that some of their biggest hits were written by the authors outside the band (most notably Bora Đorđević and Kornelije Kovač). Generacija 5 released their debut self-titled album, produced by Josip Boček, in 1980. Their second album "Dubler", produced by Peter Taggart, was released in 1982, and in June of the same year Generacija 5 disbanded. (from wikipedia)

GENERACIJA 5 - Spakuj se, požuri (1981) Single

GENERACIJA 5 fourth single record from 1981.

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GENERACIJA 5 - Svemu dođe kraj (1979) Single

GENERACIJA 5 second single record from 1979.

ŽUTA MINUTA - Hey, vi (1981)

After leaving the band "Drugi način" Nikola Gečević-Koce (vocals, guitar) along with Branko Bogunović (guitar), H. Grčević (bass) and Ante Gečević (drums), formed a heavy metal band ŽUTA MINUTA. 1981. Suzy record label published their album "Hey, vi!". Shortly after the release album the band split up, and Nikola Gečević, together with Željko Turčinović (drums) and Dario Kumerle (bass) in 1983, founded the band "Regata".