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ELVIS J. KURTOVIĆ & HIS METEORS - Mitovi i legende o kralju Elvisu (1984)

ELVIS J. KURTOVIĆ & HIS METEORS were one of the most popular punk-rock band from Bosnia and Herzegovina, established in Sarajevo in 1981. The group was formed as a result of the cult movement "New primitivism". This is their first album from 1984.

PANKRTI - Rdeči album (1983)

PANKRTI third album from 1983.

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PANKRTI - Dolgcajt (1980)

PANKRTI were a punk rock band from Ljubljana, Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia) active in the late 1970s and during the 1980s. They were known for provocative and politically engaged songs and billed themselves "The First Punk Band Behind The Iron Curtain". They are one of the most important former Yugoslav Punk groups and one of the first punk rock bands ever formed in a communist country. The band started playing in fall of 1977, practicing in the basement of Kodeljevo's music school, and held the first concert at Moste High School. Initially they played covers of established punk bands including the Sex Pistols, The Clash and New York Dolls. Some of their first songs that became popular were "Za železno zaveso", "Anarhist" and "Lublana je bulana". They were included in the "Novi punk val" compilation album. They released their first album "Dolgcajt" in 1980 and gained the status of a cult band all over former Yugoslavia. Their second album “Državni ljubimci” was highly appreciated in the public and gained an award for best Yugoslav album of the year. In 1984 they released their third "Rdeči album". Its title is an obvious pun on the famous album by The Beatles and red as a symbol of communism. The album featured a cover version of the famous Italian communist revolutionary song "Bandiera Rossa", which is one of their most famous tracks. One of their last concerts was in "Tivoli Hall" in Ljubljana in 1987, named "Zadnji pogo". In 1996 the group temporarily reformed to perform as a support act for the Sex Pistols concert in Ljubljana during their "Filthy Lucre Tour". In 2003, Pankrti were included in the 2003 Yugonostalgic Croatian rockumentary "Sretno dijete", which deals with the former Yugoslav Punk and New Wave scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s. (from wikipedia)

PANKRTI - Slovan (1986) Single

PANKRTI second single record from 1986.

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PATIKA - Eo-Eo (1981)

PATIKA was Macedonian pop-rock band from Skopje, active in ex Yugoslavia in late70s/early80s. In beginning they were known as 'Leva Patika'. This is their first album from 1981.

PATIKA - Volim te (1981) Single

PATIKA first single record from 1981.

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ELEKTRONI - Movin' And Groovin' (1961-1966)

ELEKTRONI founded in 1961, in Karlovac, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) by Jurica Grosinger (lead guitar and singer). These are their two songs recorded for Radio Karlovac.

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ELEKTRONI - Jedne noći (1968) EP

ELEKTRONI founded in 1961, in Karlovac, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) by Jurica Grosinger (lead guitar and singer). This EP they recorded in 1968 for Record Company "Jugoton". Other members of the band were Vatroslav Slavnić (bass guitar and songwriter), Boris Borošić (rhythm guitar) and Mario Janjac (drums).

GRČ - Sloboda narodu (1987)

GRČ is a rock band from Rijeka (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia, formed in 1982. Still active.

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BOOMERANG - Boomerang (1979)

BOOMERANG first album from 1979.

BUMERANG - Najdi si drugega (1972) Single

After break up of group Kameleoni, Zlatko Klun (drums), Danilo Kocijančić (guitar), Petar Veri Gorjup (guitar) and Ladi Koradin (bass) formed group BUMERANG, in 1971, in Koper, Slovenia. They had major success with Status Quo on Yugoslavian tour and played with Barcley James Harvest in Subotica. First single "Najdi si drugega" they released in 1972, second single "Živjeti iznad tebe bar jedan dan" in 1979, first album "Boomerang " in 1979 and second album "Na zapadu ništa novo" in 1982. (from exyupoprockmadness.blogspot.com)