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MLADEN VOJIČIĆ-TIFA - Tifa no. 1 (1989)

MLADEN VOJIČIĆ-TIFA first studio album from 1989.

TIFA BAND - Samo ljubav postoji (1990)

MLADEN VOJIČIĆ-TIFA is a Bosnian rock vocalist. He became famous throughout former Yugoslavia for his brief stint as the lead singer of Bijelo dugme in mid-1980s. Apart from Bijelo dugme, he sang in numerous bands with varying degrees of prominence (most notable being Teška industrija, Vatreni poljubac and Divlje Jagode). Undisputedly a singer with great vocal capabilities, Tifa's impulsive personality and irrational character have often garnered controversy region-wide. Nowadays, Tifa maintains a relatively successful solo career. This is his second album from 1990. (from wikipedia)

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METAK - U tetrapaku (1979)

METAK was formed in 1978, in Split, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). On 19th of November 1979 they released first album "U tetrapaku". Album was recorded in studio "Tetrapak" in Split and mastered by Julian Mills in Strawberry Mastering Studio in London, UK. Band members were: Željko Brodarić Jappa (vocal, guitar), Zlatko Brodarić (guitar), Marko Krstičević (bass, piano), Doris Tomić (keyboard) and Matko Jelavić (drums).

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ARGUS - Kad sam imao sve (1988-1989)

ARGUS was a rock band from Kragujevac (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their demo songs from 1988-1989.

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SPEKTAR - Spektar (1974)

SPEKTAR was formed in 1974, in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) by keyboardist and composer Enco Lesić who had just left the group Indexi leaving behind his song "Sve ove godine" which earned them a smash hit in 1972. The members included: Davor Rocco on bass, Dragan Brčić on drums, Neven Frangeš on piano and Enco Lesić on assorted keyboards. Frangeš soon dropped due to his academic and jazz career but continued to collaborate with the band on stage. After only a few live gigs in Zagreb the band were given opportunity to record a debut album in Ljubljana studios while the newly formed "Suzy" label from Zagreb was ready to invest in the release. Virtually unknown outside of Zagreb scene, Spektar disbanded following the lack of success of the album. (by Seyo)

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ATOMIC SHELTER - Space Generation (1983)

ATOMSKO SKLONIŠTE (aka ATOMIC SHELTER) first album recorded in the USA for the American market. It is a cool album, with old songs more or less rearranged or replayed, with lyrics in english. This is the only "American" album sung by Sergio Blazić and actually played by the original line-up.

ATOMSKO SKLONIŠTE - Mentalna higijena (1982)

ATOMSKO SKLONIŠTE sixth album from 1982.

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ATOMSKO SKLONIŠTE - Criminal tango (1990)

In 1990 ATOMSKO SKLONIŠTE released the album "Criminal Tango", with the new lineup: Bruno Langer (vocals and bass), Ranko Svorcan (guitar) and Nikola Duraković (drums).

ATOMIC SHELTER - This Spaceship (1987)

In 1986 Bruno Langer (bass) and Dragan Gužvan (guitar) recorded the English language album "This Spaceship" and released it under the name ATOMIC SHELTER. The album featured American musicians Wes Talton (vocals), Freddie Stuckey (keyboards) and David Pressley (drums). The album featured six old rerecorded Atomsko sklonište songs and four new songs.