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DUBROVAČKI TRUBADURI - Mi prepuni smo ljubavi (1970)

DUBROVAČKI TRUBADURI was a Croatian beat, folk and pop band from Dubrovnik formed in 1961 by Đelo Jusić, main composer, guitar and mandolin player and leader of the group. They were very popular in former Yugoslavia during the 60s and 70s for their mixture of pop music and medieval folk traditions of their native ancient city on the Adriatic coast. Internationally also known as Dubrovnic Troubadours or The Troubadours Of Dubrovnik, they enjoyed brief popularity across Western Europe having appeared at the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest in London. Their song "Jedan dan" was performed by their singers Luciano Kapurso and Hamo Hajdarhodžić and it scored 7th position. The group, in different line-ups, existed until the early 80s when they broke up. (from wikipedia)

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LINDJA - Lindja (1987-1990)

LINDJA was a rock band from Priština (Kosovo) in former Yugoslavia. This is their several songs from 1987-1990.


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VIDEOSEX - Lacrimae Christi (1985)

VIDEOSEX second album from 1985.


VIDEOSEX - Videosex 84 (1984)

VIDEOSEX was a prominent synthy-pop group based in former Yugoslavia (Slovenia). The group was led by the singer Anja Rupel. They recorded four albums. Their debut album, Videosex 84 appeared in 1983 and they played with bands such as Ekatarina Velika and Otroci socializma in Beograd. The group broke up in 1992. (from wikipedia)


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VRIJEME I ZEMLJA - Vrijeme i zemlja (1979)

VRIJEME I ZEMLJA was founded in 1978, in Rijeka (Croatia). Members of the group were Nenad Bach (guitar, vocal), Marinko Radetić (bass), Joško Serdarević (drums) and Davor Tolja (keyboards). They recorded two singles and one album and then split.