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CRVENI KORALJI - Rock & Roll Collection (1963-1970) 2CD

CRVENI KORALJI was formed in 1962., in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). First name of the band was Crveni đavoli. They were inspired by Cliff Richard and The Shadows. In the beginning they played mostly covers, but "Rekla si, volimo se" - first song they wrote was a big hit. Almost 100000 copies of the single were sold (there were about 120000 record players in that time in ex-Yugoslavia). They received about 10000 letters from their fans every month. In summer of 1964 they have first tour around ex-Yugoslavia and become one of the most popular bands in that time. They won many awards on music festivals and they were nominated for the best band of ex-Yugoslavia in music magazine "Ritam" for 3 times. They were also support band to The Shadows when they were touring Yugoslavia. In july 1966 they won first price of International Beat Festival and among Yugoslav and Italian bands in Zagreb. In the same year they toured Germany. On their records from late 60's we can hear strong influence of early Byrds sound. They also recorded many songs for radio and television - among others great cover of "Gloria". (from


CRVENI KORALJI fifth EP from 1968.

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BIJELE STRIJELE - Izvorne snimke (1962-64)

BIJELE STRIJELE was formed in 1961, in Zagreb, Croatia. In the beginning they played covers of Cliff Richard and The Shadows, The Beatles and later they made their own songs. They were one of the first bands in ex-Yugoslavia who had their own songs, and that made them very popular. Their EP record "Svi trče oko Sue" was the first beat record released in ex-Yugoslavia. They split in 1966 because they couldn't adapt to new changes in music which came together with long hair bands. The style of Bijele strijele was mix of beat with early rock'n'roll and twist. Their sound was raw with great teenage vocals. They had two guitar players and two singers, and of course bass and drums. And that made their sound a bit different from their english and american idols. (from

BIJELE STRIJELE - Mrzim taj dan (1963) Single

BIJELE STRIJELE second single record from 1963.

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DALIBOR BRUN - Poludjela ptica (1976)

DALIBOR BRUN is a Croatian pop-rock singer from Rijeka. He was vocalist of 'Uragani' and 'Korni Grupa' before turning to solo career. This is his third solo album from 1976.