utorak, 30. kolovoza 2016.

STAKLENO ZVONO - Daj mi kaži odakle te znam (1977) Single

STAKLENO ZVONO was an Croatian pop-rock band from Zagreb, active in the second half of 70s in former Yugoslavia. This is their third single record from 1977.

utorak, 23. kolovoza 2016.

BIJELE STRIJELE - Izvorne snimke (1962-64)

BIJELE STRIJELE was formed in 1961, in Zagreb, Croatia. In the beginning they played covers of Cliff Richard and The Shadows, The Beatles and later they made their own songs. They were one of the first bands in ex-Yugoslavia who had their own songs, and that made them very popular. Their EP record "Svi trče oko Sue" was the first beat record released in ex-Yugoslavia. They split in 1966 because they couldn't adapt to new changes in music which came together with long hair bands. The style of Bijele strijele was mix of beat with early rock'n'roll and twist. Their sound was raw with great teenage vocals. They had two guitar players and two singers, and of course bass and drums. And that made their sound a bit different from their english and american idols. (from wanadoo.nl)

BIJELE STRIJELE - Mrzim taj dan (1963) Single

BIJELE STRIJELE second single record from 1963.

subota, 20. kolovoza 2016.

DALIBOR BRUN - Poludjela ptica (1976)

DALIBOR BRUN is a Croatian pop-rock singer from Rijeka. He was vocalist of 'Uragani' and 'Korni Grupa' before turning to solo career. This is his third solo album from 1976.

srijeda, 3. kolovoza 2016.


PLAVA TRAVA ZABORAVA is the country band founded in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1982, by Eduard Matešić at the initiative of Dražen Vrdoljak. They recorded first album "Live" on 9th of May in Zagreb, in "Kulušić" mainly playing country standards. Successfully collaborated with many local and international artists, authors and musicians. Still active.

utorak, 2. kolovoza 2016.

BRANISLAV ŽIVKOVIĆ - Moods For Flutes (1982)

BRANISLAV (BRANIMIR) ŽIVKOVIĆ is a Croatian musician (keyboards, flute player), producer and composer from Zagreb. He was a member of GRUPA 220 and TIME, among others.

ponedjeljak, 1. kolovoza 2016.

NIČIJA ZEMLJA - Nedelja (1981) Single

NIČIJA ZEMLJA was a pop rock band from Serbia, in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one single revord from 1981. (thanks to yo-wan)