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KUM - Oprosti mi (1990) Single

KUM was a rock band from Kikinda (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Siniša Pašić (guitar), Arpad Balaž (keyboards),  Milan Cvetičanin (drums), Goran Tetovac (bass), Dragan Radujko (guitar) and Goran Bjelanović (vocal). This is their first single record from 1990.


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MR. X - Still Missin' You (1990)

MR. X was a rock musician from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one single record from 1990. (thanks to jugozvuk)


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PSIHOKRATIJA - Psihokratija (1988) EP

This is EP by PSIHOKRATIJA from 1988.


PSIHOKRATIJA - Album mentalnih fotografija (1988)

PSIHOKRATIJA was a minimal wave/dark synth duo from Beograd (Serbia). They released their first album, "Album mentalnih fotografija" in an independent label, in 1988. After that, Gorjan Krstić recorded a second album with different people, never released.


petak, 24. lipnja 2016.

MILADOJKA YOUNEED - Ghastly Beyond Belief (1987)

MILADOJKA YOUNEED is an free punk/funk/jazz band formed in 1985, in Ljubljana, Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). Their style was defined as pop-core, acid-metal and sintetic-trash. Group was disbanded in 1998.


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DESSERT - Dessert (1980) Single

DESSERT was a rock band from Serbia, in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one single record from 1980. (thanks to Sacred Reich)


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BANANA - Banana (1988)

BANANA was formed in 1985. Initially the band went through numerous lineup changes, before a steady lineup was formed: Aleksandra Toković (vocals), Dragan Lončar (guitar), Boban Šaranović (bass guitar), Srđan Cincar (keyboards) and Igor Borojević (drums). They released their debut album, "Ponoćni pasaži" in 1986. The album was pop rock-oriented and featured guitarist Duda Bezuha, Bajaga i Instruktori keyboardist Saša Lokner and former Zamba vocalist and bass guitarist Bogdan Dragović as guest musicians.In the summer of 1987, the band performed in Czechoslovakia, and at the beginning of 1988, they released their second album, "Banana"‚ produced by keyboardist Đorđe Petrović, who, at the time, performed with the band. Aleksandra Toković wrote seven songs which marked the band's shift towards power pop. Soon after the release of their second album, Banana disbanded. (from wikipedia)

BANANA - Ponoćni pasaži (1986)

BANANA first album from 1986.


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FILM - Pjevajmo do zore (1985) Single

FILM promo single record from 1985.

FILM - Signali u noći (1985)

FILM fourth studio album from 1985.

FILM - Ti zračiš zrake kroz zrak (1983) Single

FILM sixth single record from 1983.

FILM - Boje su u nama (1983) Single

FILM fifth single record from 1983.

FILM - Sva čuda svijeta (1983)

FILM third studio album from 1983.

FILM - Zona sumraka (1982) Single

FILM fourth single record from 1982.

FILM - Pljačka stoljeća (1982) Single

FILM third single record from 1982.

FILM - Zona sumraka (1982)

FILM second studio album from 1982.

FILM - Zamisli (1981) Single

FILM second single record from 1981.