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U ŠKRIPCU - Godine ljubavi (1982)

U ŠKRIPCU was formed by three high school friends Zoran "Vule" Vulović (keyboards), Milan "Delča" Delčić (vocals, guitar for a short period of time) and Aleksandar "Vasa" Vasiljević (guitar). The three used to write amateur theatre plays and in 1979 decided to form a band. The group was initially called "Prolog za veliki haos" and then "Furije furiozno furaju". The three also worked as associate journalists for the "Mladi novi svet" show airing on Studio B radio station. In 1980 the band was renamed U Škripcu, adding two more members, drummer Miloš Obrenović and bassist Aleksandar "Luka" Lukić. The band's first recordings, tracks "Južno voće" and "Pamflex dom" were released on the "Artistička radna akcija" compilation, which featured the second generation of Beograd New Wave bands, in 1981. The beginning of their career is also connected to the "Pamflex" concept. Pamflex was an imaginary company, invented by Delčić. The songs were actually commercials for imaginary products, as the band members considered advertising to be the finest form of art. Part of the concept was also reading of ironic and comical speeches, usage of Pamflex flags and using theater language style. During 1981, the band had numerous live appearances in Beograd and Zagreb, and soon established a fanbase. Their debut album "Godine ljubavi", released by PGP-RTB in 1982, did not feature Lukić on bass guitar, who was at the time serving the mandatory Yugoslav People's Army stint, and was replaced by Idoli bassist Zdenko Kolar, who recorded bass sections. During the tour, Dejan Grujić from the band Braća played bass. The band established a team of co-workers who collaborated on their next releases, producer Saša Habić and album artwork designers Slobodan Šajin and Momčilo Rajin. The album's most notable tracks were "Ti imaš dosta godina", "Hamuamule", "Samuraj", "Kao u boji" and "Proleće", dealing with various theme orientations. After the album release, Saša Dragić became the band's manager. In 1983, the band signed a contract with Jugoton and released the album "O je!" and the EP "Nove godine!". The album was well accepted by the audience and the critics and the Rock magazine voted the album the best release of 1983. Guest appearances featured Gordi bassist and arranger Slobodan Svrdlan, Đorđe Petrović on keyboards, Nenad Jelić on percussion and Jovan Maljoković on saxophone. The tracks "Beograd spava", "Kockar" and "Siđi do reke" were the most notable tracks on the album. The "Nove godine!" EP was intentionally released during the New Year holidays and featured five songs including the title track, also released on single, and the hit "Koliko imaš godina". In 1984, Lukić returned to the band and together they toured mainly in Croatia and in 1985 the band released album "Budimo zajedno!" which was a combination of pop and electronic music. It featured a new version of "Hamuamule", "Tama me prati", "Crni anđele", "Baj, baj" etc. Due to the inability to achieve the success of the previous records the band ceased to exist. (from wikipedia)

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TOMI SOVILJ & NJEGOVE SILUETE - Za jedan časak radosti (1966-1967)

TOMI SOVILJ & NJEGOVE SILUETE was formed in 1964, in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) when Tomi Sovilj left Zoran Miščević's "Siluete". In 1966 they recorded their first EP for "Diskos" and in 1967 they recorded another EP for same disco company. In late 60s Tomi Sovilj arrived in America and sings in american rock clubs.

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Vocalist Tomislav TOMI SOVILJ, born in Belgrade in 1941, started his career in 1963 at the dance parties held by Zlatni Dečaci. On Autumn of the same year, he had become the member of Siluete, but on mid-1964 he left the band, forming a band also called Siluete. For a while, there were two groups working under the same name, but the case was settled after a court verdict after which Sovilj lost the right to use the name. However, he did manage to keep the name somewhat similar by renaming it to TOMI SOVILJ I NJEGOVE SILUETE. At the time, the band beside him featured the former "Bele Zvezde" members Slobodan Saničanin (guitar), Branislav Rakočević (bass), Milorad Tomić (guitar) and Ðino Maljoković (drums). Later on, the band members were also Borislav Ðurković (rhythm guitar), Boba Voratović (bass) and Hamadija Vladović (drums). Owing to their attractive performances, they had become one of the most popular live acts in Belgrade, which provided them with often live performances at the Beograd "Mažestik" hotel tea parties and at the cafe bar "Terazije". In 1966, the band released their debut EP "Vule bule" through Diskos, featuring the songs "Vule bule", a cover version of the Sam The Sham and The Pharaos song "Wooly Bully", "Hej, o Slupi", a cover of The McCoys song "Hang On Sloopy", "Džini Džini", a cover Little Richard's "Jenny, Jenny", all three having lyrics rewritten in Serbian language, and a cover of the song "Za jedan časak radosti", written by Darko Kraljić. The release had been sold in more than fifty thousand copies, thus becoming a silver record. On Autumn of the same year, Sovilj went to serve the Yugoslav People's Army, and was temporarily replaced by the former Juniori vocalist Dušan Prelević. On his return, the band released their second EP "Stoj Džoni" featuring the title track, a cover version of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode", which had also reached high sales and went silver. After the EP release, the band popularity had slowly decreased and Tomi Sovilj disbanded the band in 1970. (from wikipedia)

TOMI SOVILJ - Stoj Džoni (1967) EP

TOMI SOVILJ second EP from 1967.

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CRNA METALURGIJA - Poleti čežnjo (1974-78)

CRNA METALURGIJA was a pop rock band from Osijek (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their demo songs from 1974-1978.


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JAPPA - Majmun radi što majmun vidi (1982) Single

ŽELJKO BRODARIĆ-JAPPA one and only one single record from 1982.

JAPPA - Majmuni (1982)

ŽELJKO BRODARIĆ-JAPPA is an Croatian guitar player and producer, founding member and leader of the band "Metak". In early 1982, he began a solo career and released the album "Majmuni".

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PINGVINOVO POTPALUBLJE - Live in Kulušić (1981)

PINGVINOVO POTPALUBLJE was a cult , but little known, post punk rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia, active from 1979 till 1984. This is their live performance in club "Kulušić" in 1981. (thanks to Dronemf S.)


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DEAD IDEAS - Welcome To The Abyss (1990) EP

DEAD IDEAS were a punk rock group from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their EP from 1990. (thanks to kujundzic)