subota, 27. veljače 2016.

ARINKA I TINGL TANGL - Na stanici za bus (1981)

TINGL TANGL is the band of the Istrian rock guru Franci Blasković, the band that preceeded his today`s band Gori Ussi Winnetou. Tingl Tangl was lead by Franci`s wife Arinka, a music professor and an outstanding vocalist. The songs are some kind of rock-circus parody, but very, very pleasant to listen.


ARINKA - Novi rulet (1982)

ARINKA ŠEGANDO is a Croatian singer from Pula (Croatia). She started singing in 1970s. She sang with the group Tingl-Tangl late 1970s / early 1980s with whom she released few singles and the album "Na stanici za bus" in 1981. In 1982 she recorded first solo album "Novi rulet". (thanks to sveto)


četvrtak, 18. veljače 2016.

DEMONI FIRE - Šarena mačka (1979) Single

DEMONI FIRE was a Croatian rock band formed by the fusion of two bands: '"Demoni" and "Fire", active in late 70s in former Yugoslavia. Members were Željko Thes Piki (vocals, guitar), Miljenko Balić (bass), Emil Vugrinec (drums), Zoran Grujić (vocals, keyboards) and Jura Havidić (guitar). This is their only single record from 1979.

srijeda, 17. veljače 2016.

DEMONI - No. 1 (1978)

DEMONI founded by Toni Sabol (keyboards) in Čakovec (Croatia) in the early sixties. This is their only album released in 1978.

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DANSKI PROLAZ - Danski prolaz (1985-86)

DANSKI PROLAZ was a pop rock band from Kragujevac (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their demo songs from 1985-1986. (thanks to friend from kragujevac)