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BAZAR - Bazar (1986)

BAZAR was a pop rock band from Ljubljana (Slovenia), formed in 1984, by Danilo Kocjančič (ex-Kameleoni, ex-Prizma). This is their first album from 1986.

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GRUPA PIK - Klinjo (1981) Single

GRUPA PIK was a pop rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one single record from 1981.

SKAKAFCI - Igre brez meja (1984)

SKAKAFCI was founded in Maribor (Slovenia) in 1983. Band keep its firm position in history books, as a big contributor to Yugoslav reggae. Their first and only album was titled "Igre brez meja", and is still considered as masterpiece of Yugoslav New wave era.

petak, 25. prosinca 2015.

TROTAKT PROJEKT - Blago tonirano (1983)

TROTAKT PROJEKT starts to operate in 1980, in Zagreb (Croatia). In mid-eighties, they published two singles, "Zaplešimo" and "Rolana," which is very quickly gaining great favor with the public. They never released any album. Some time ago they released album "Blago tonirano", which was recorded in 1983.

MARY ROSE - Rocks Off (1990)

MARY ROSE formed in 1987, in Postojna (Slovenia). They have changed plenty of band members through the years and have also changed their music style nowadays to a more modern type of rock. This is their first album from 1990.

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LENE KOSTI - Demo (1985-1987)

LENE KOSTI were a heavy metal band from Ljubljana (Slovenia), formed in 1978. They were split up between 1991 and 2008. Disbanded again in late 2012. This is their demo recordings from 1985-1987.

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RADNO VREME - C'est la vie (1988-1990)

RADNO VREME was a punk rock band from Vranje (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their demo recordings from 1988-1990. (thanks to petar017)

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POSLANICI - Treći svetski rat (1987-1989)

POSLANICI were a punk rock band from Vranje (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their demo recordings from 1987-1989. (thanks to petar017)

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OKTOBAR 1864 - Igra bojama (1988)

OKTOBAR 1864 second album from 1988.

OKTOBAR 1864 - Oktobar 1864 (1987)

OKTOBAR 1864 was formed in 1984, in Zemun (Beograd, Serbia) by Goran Tomanović and have changed several line-ups before they won the Best demo Band Award at the MESAM festival in 1986. Goran Tomanović the first band members over the newspaper ads. The band had its first big performance in 1985 when they performed in Taš club in Beograd, and that is when Tanja Jovićević, the band's lead singer, joined the group. After this, the band started the work on their debut, self titled, album. The album was recorded in November and December 1986 in O Studio in Beograd and produced by Saša Habić. It was released for the Jugodisk label. The line-up for this album was Tanja Jovićević (vocals), Goran Tomanović (guitar), Željko Mitrović (bass guitar), Ivan Zečević (drums), Dean Krmpotić (keyboards), Marko Lalić (saxophone), Branko Baćović (trumpet) and Nebojša Mrvaljević (trombone). Guests on the album were Jovan Maljoković on saxophone, Saša Habić and Bojan Zulfikarpašić on keyboards, and former "S vremena na vreme" members Ljuba Ninković and Asim Sarvan on backing vocals. This album featured hits "Nađi me" (a cover of the Four Tops' "Reach Out I'll Be There") and "Carte blanche". Minor hits were "Muzika noći" and "Grad". The second album "Igra bojama" was recorded in February and March 1988 in O Studio in the new line-up, with Dejan Abadić (keyboards) and Vuk Dinić (trombone). The guests on the album were Rex Ilusivii on emulator, Dragan Kozarčić on trumpet, Josip Kovač Jr. on saxophone, Theodor Yanni on guitar, Sanja Čičanović and Milan Mladenović on backing vocals. The album was produced by Rex Ilusivii and Theodor Yanni and released through PGP-RTB. The major hit on the album was "Sam" and other notable songs were "Pratiš trag" and "Senke 2". During 1989 Ljubinko Tomanović (bass guitar) and Slobodan Andrić (saxophone) joined the band. During the same year, Tanja Jovićević was voted the Best Singer of the Year by the readers of Pop rock magazine. The band played concerts with Ekatarina Velika and recorded the soundtrack for the film "Početni udarac". In early 1990, Oktobar 1864 started to work on their third album "Crni ples" in Pink Studio in Zemun. It was recorded in March 1990 in the studio of RTV Titograd. The band was accompanied by Deže Molnar on tenor and alto saxophone and keyboards, Dragan Kozarčić on trumpet, Anton Horvat on baritone saxophone, Milan Mladenović on backing vocals, Blagoje Nedeljković on drums (in "Denis") and Ted Yanni on guitar (in "Crni ples"). The album was produced by the band and Theodor Yanni and released by PGP-RTB. This album featured hits "Crni ples" and "Denis". Minor hits were "E7/9" and "Osećam za tebe". In 1990, Oktobar 1864 also recorded the soundtrack for the documentary film "Izlazak u javnost", about the comic strip artist Emir Mesić from Zagreb. During the same year, the TV station SA 3 from Sarajevo recorded the documentary film Oktobar 1864 about the band. Despite the fact they were praised by both fans and crtitics, due to the outbreak of the Yugoslav Wars, the band members decided to end their activity. The group disbanded in 1992 and the farewell concert was held in Beograd's SKC in January 1992. (from wikipedia)

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ŽELJKO BEBEK & ARMIJA B - Željko Bebek & Armija B (1985)

ŽELJKO BEBEK & ARMIJA B His third solo album from 1985.

ŽELJKO BEBEK & PODIUM - Skoro da smo isti (1978)

ŽELJKO BEBEK is a Croatian singer, very popular throughout former Yugoslav republics, and entire region. He is most notable for being the lead vocalist of former Yugoslav rock band BIJELO DUGME from 1974 to 1984. He also has a successful career as a solo artist. This is his first solo album from 1978.

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ALEKSANDER MEŽEK - Ljubav preko žice (1983)

ALEKSANDER MEŽEK is a pop rock singer/songwriter from Ljubljana (Slovenia) in former Yugoslavia. This is his fourth album from 1983.

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MAČAK - Nek' se zna (1982) Single

MAČAK was a rock band from Split (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one single record from 1982.