srijeda, 25. veljače 2015.

GNJEVNI CRV - Nađeno u močvari (1990)

GNJEVNI CRV was a short-lived rock band founded by Goran Bare (ex-Majke), Zoki (ex-Pokvarena mašta) and Krljo (ex-Kaotične duše, Skol). These are their recordings from 1990.

utorak, 24. veljače 2015.

MODELI - Model 1 (1981)

MODELI was formed in early 80s in Dubrovnik (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Vjekoslav Van Zajec (guitar, bass, back vocals), Srečko Mac Kljunak (bass, lead vocals) and Mime Van Der Restovich (drums, percusions and back vocals). This is their one and only one album from 1981.

nedjelja, 15. veljače 2015.

HAMDIJA ČUSTOVIĆ - Hop cup (1974) Single

HAMDIJA ČUSTOVIĆ is a pop singer from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is his fifth single record from 1974.

LUTAJUĆA SRCA - Lutajuća srca 1 (1974)

Acoustic trio LUTAJUĆA SRCA formed in 1970, in Niš, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) by Spomenka Đokić (vocal), Milan Marković (guitar, piano) and Miroljub Jovanović (guitar, vocals). They won in 1972 on Youth Festival at Subotica with song "Još malo". This is their compilation album from 1974.

petak, 13. veljače 2015.

THE GOLDEN BOYS - Swan Lake (1965) Single

THE GOLDEN BOYS (aka ZLATNI DEČACI) single record realized by the record company Fontana in 1965, for European market. (thanks to sveto)

četvrtak, 12. veljače 2015.

PRO ARTE - Takav je život (1969) Sngle

PRO ARTE is a pop rock band from Sarajevo, especially popular in the former Yugoslavia in the 1970s. The group was founded in 1967. The keyboardist and composer Đorđe Novković was the only constant in the band, through which passed some say as many as 100 musicians. Another constant of the band was their lead singer Vladimir Savčić Čobi, which is a part came after a number of earlier singers. It was only with him the band is experiencing its first successes. Đorđe Novković is also played with Indexi, since 1968. (replaced Kornelije Kovač who went to the Korni groupa) until the beginning of 1970 when it was replaced by Ranko Rihtman and he returned to the Pro Arte. This is their first single record from 1969. (from wikipedia)

ponedjeljak, 9. veljače 2015.

MARKO BITENC - Beat'n'c (1982)

MARKO BITENC was a Slovenian vocalist and percussionist from Ljubljana. He was member of the groups "Izvir" and "Predmestje". This is his one and only one solo album from 1982.

četvrtak, 5. veljače 2015.

GRUPA BOB - Tajna grupa (1977) Single

GRUPA BOB was a rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one single record from 1977.

ponedjeljak, 2. veljače 2015.