subota, 29. studenoga 2014.

DELIAL - Sejem želja (1971) Single

DELIAL was a pop rock band, founded by Jani Golob (composer, violinist, arranger) in Ljubljana in 1960s., where he played bass guitar. Other members were Jernej Jung (singer), Meta Močnik (singer) and Majda Jazbec (singer). This is their second single record from 1971.

srijeda, 26. studenoga 2014.

OVERFLOW - Through Department Store (1990)

OVERFLOW is a punk rock band from Koprivnica (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1990.

utorak, 25. studenoga 2014.

KONJAK - Pretežno vedro (1982)

KONJAK was a new wave band from Rijeka (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Mladen Ilić (guitar, vocal), Sanjin Dimevski (guitar), Neven Beljan (bass) and Stanislav Ninić (drums). This is their demo songs from 1982.

YARS - Kad zasopu fendera dva (1989-1990)

YARS was a punk rock band from Rijeka/Opatija (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Dražen Turina (vocal, guitar), Alen Čar (guitar, vocal) and Dejan Adamović (drums, vocal).

ponedjeljak, 24. studenoga 2014.

PROFILI PROFILI - Nemir živaca (1981-82)

PROFILI PROFILI was an alternative rock duo from Beograd (Serbia), active in early 80s in former Yugoslavia. Members were Miodrag Stojanović (bass, vocals) and Slobodan Jeličić (guitar, vocals).

petak, 21. studenoga 2014.

BESPOSLIČARI - Stil glupana (1984)

BESPOSLIČARI was a punk rock band from Pula (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their album from 1984., that was never released.

KUZLE - Prazna generacija (1979-1982)

KUZLE was a punk rock band from Idrija (Slovenia) in former Yugoslavia, active from 1979 to 1981. A group of young boys got together in the eighties and formed a band. They had many things in common: were all full of hormones, read the Yugoslave rock magazine Džuboks, were fanaticaly buying vinyl records in Italy and listened, felt and lived for punk music. Soon the band Kuzle was formed, the memberes were: Dare Kaurič (guitar/backing vocals), Bojan Lapanja (vocals), Iztok Turk (drums),  and Dušan Moravec (bass guitar/backing vocals). In the following years they made almost sixty songs, had around thirty gigs, a few recordings, appeared on TV and radio stations and issued a compilation "Lepo je". Later on they changed two drumers, first Bojan Pajer then Iztok Lampe. Unfortunately the endless years the members had to serve the military service for the National army of Yugoslavia changed everything in the band and Kuzle soon become a part of the past without having released anything while they were active. (from

četvrtak, 20. studenoga 2014.

BONTON BAYA - Elpi (1983)

BONTON BAYA was a Bosnian rock band from Sarajevo, active in early 80s in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1983.

srijeda, 19. studenoga 2014.

RADIO - Rampampila (1981)

RADIO was an obscure and very underated new wave band from Sarajevo (Bosnia & Hercegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1981. Album produced by Ranko Boban. Most of the lyrics was written by Duško Trifunović.

utorak, 18. studenoga 2014.

GOLA JAJA - Gola jaja (1978-1984)

GOLA JAJA was probably the first punk rock band in Pula (Croatia), formed in 1978 and one of the greatest punk legends in ex-Yugoslavia. The band is formed by Denis Barlian, Nenad Zec and Zoran Vukelić, then 14-year old kids. The band members were changing often, and in 1982. two demos were recorded by following line-up: Denis Barlian (vocals), Semijan Giljanović (guitar), Tonči Vuković (bass) and Krunoslav Jakšić (drums). In late 80’s, military and marriage obligations of the band members led to disbanding. Vocalist Denis Barlian died in 2008. of kidney cancer. (from

ponedjeljak, 17. studenoga 2014.

ČAO PIČKE - Čao pičke (1983)

ČAO PIČKE are formed in 1981, in Ljubljana (Slovenia), from former members of punk and wave band "Ljubljana 78" and "Orkester Titanik".  The core of the band at first are drummer Jani Sever and bass player Ljubo Kopač – Kope. Vocals are engaged by Alenka Marsenič – Marsa but shortly also Iztok Vidmar joins them on a guitar, which he replaces for bass soon after. Quartet with unusual form – two bass guitars, drums and vocal - and short, striking songs becomes attraction of Ljubljana's alternative scene. After break up of "Čao pičke" Marsa is active in first Slovenian female hardcore band »Tožibabe«, Iztok is settled after short time in »Lolita« and Jani sets sail to journalistic waters. (by Polona Poberžnik)

subota, 15. studenoga 2014.

PRO ARTE - Pro Arte (1973)

PRO ARTE is a pop rock band from Sarajevo, formed in 1967, especially popular in the former Yugoslavia in the 1970s. This is their third album from 1973.

četvrtak, 13. studenoga 2014.

BT TOP - BT Top (1979)

BT TOP was a rock band from Bitola (Macedonia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their some recordings from 1979.

petak, 7. studenoga 2014.

GAD - Imamo li muda (1990)

GAD was a punk rock band from Kikinda (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia, active from 1989-1991.

četvrtak, 6. studenoga 2014.

DEFEKTNO EFEKTNI - Izdrži udarac (1981) Single

DEFEKTNO EFEKTNI were a Serbian new wave/punk rock band from Beograd, in former Yugoslavia, notable as the participant of the "Artistička radna akcija" project in 1981.

srijeda, 5. studenoga 2014.

GLUVE KUČKE - Gluve kučke (1990)

GLUVE KUČKE was a garage rock band from Zrenjanin (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their two songs published on the compilation album of bands from Zrenjanin "Dim nad gradom," from 1990.