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KAOTIČNE DUŠE - Kaotične duše (1989-1990)

KAOTIČNE DUŠE was a garage rock band from Vinkovci (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their songs from the period 1989-1990.


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POSEBNO PAKOVANJE - Daj mi, daj (1976) Single

POSEBNO PAKOVANJE was formed in 1973, in Šibenik (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia, by singer and songwriter Dražen Žanko. They published only one single record in 1976.

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BASTION - Bastion (1985)

BASTION was a synth-pop rock band from Skopje, Macedonia (ex-Yugoslavia), formed in 1983., by Kiril Džajkovski (keyboards), Ana Kostovska (vocals) and Ljubomir Stojsavljević (bass). Lyrics for their debut (and only) album were written by Milčo Mančevski, film director, who also directed video for their song "A Hot Day In Mexico".Soon after their album was released, the band disbanded. (from

GORAN KOVAČEVIĆ - Kad se ptice jave (1978) Single

GORAN KOVAČEVIĆ first single record from 1978.

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GORAN KOVAČEVIĆ - Prvak svijeta (1982)

GORAN KOVAČEVIĆ (died in 2014) was a singer of the bands "Čisti zrak" and "Teška industrija". He released two solo albums and one single record. This is his first solo album from 1982. (thanks to sergej)

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CASTORIA - Castoria (1989)

CASTORIA was formed on 1981., by  Darko Aksentijević and Milan Simović, fifteen years old youngsters. First band lining was classic rock band setup, with two guitars, bass and drums. First gigs were on college parties and rock band competitions. In spring 1989., Castoria records the first demo recordings in Boba Narandžić studio. Material was recorded on semi professional equipment with only 5 channels recorded on a most songs. Members were Darko Aksentijević (vocal, guitar), Ljubiša Marković (rhythm guitar), Nenad Milošević (bass), Rajko Gavrilović (keyboards) and Milan Simović (drums). (from the net)

DEBELA NENSI - Debela Nensi (1988)

DEBELA NENSI was a rock band from Kragujevac (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are some of their songs from 1988.

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BLEDI RUŽ - Bledi ruž (1988)

BLEDI RUŽ was a rock band from Kragujevac (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. These are some of their songs from 1988.

KARIZMA - Vreme je za nas (1988)

KARIZMA was formed in Beograd, in 1985 and was named after Kiss song "Charisma" from their 1979 album "Dynasty". In 1988 Karizma won the first place at Gitarijada festival in Zaječar and released their debut album "Vreme je za nas" in 1988, in the following lineup: Dušan Zarić (vocals), Dušan Janićijević (guitar), Dragoljub Popović (guitar), Zoran Miletić (bass guitar), Dejan Tomović (keyboard) and Srđan Milenković (drums). After the album was released Zarić left the band due to his army obligations. A former Otkrovenje member Dejan Jelisavčić replaced Zarić. In 1990 the band was awarded with MESAM's award for the best debut act in 1988. The same year Karizma was an opening band on Kerber tour. In 1991 the band released its second studio album "U snovima" with Goran Tadić (drums) as Karizma's new member. Album featured a cover of Oliver Mandić's song "Ljuljaj me nežno". In 1993 bass guitarist Saša Đokić and drummer Dragan Živković replaced Tomović and Tadić. In 1994 the band recorded demos for the album that was never released and disbanded soon after. During the same year, the band's song "Daj mi" was released on Komuna compilation album "Pakleni vozači: Jugoslovenski hard rock". (from wikipedia)

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TARANTULA - Žena zemljotres (1986)

TARANTULA was a hard rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Slobodan Ulemek (guitar, vocals), Nebojša Božić (bass), Zlatko Kosović (keyboards) and Mirče Toader (drums). They released only one album in 1986 titled ”Žena zemljotres”

TOŽIBABE - Dežuje (1986) EP

TOŽIBABE was a Slovenian all female hc/punk band from Ljubljana, active during 80s in former Yugoslavia. Members were Alenka Marsenič Marsa (bass, vocals, drums, guitar), Lidija Rupnik (drums, bass) and Krischka (guitar, vocals, bass). They released only one EP from 1986.

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YO YO - Yo Yo (1982) Mini LP

I have no informations about the band YO YO. The band is probably somewhere in Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). This is their mini album published in 1982. Any further informations are welcome.

INDUST-BAG - Stroj (1982)

INDUST-BAG four songs from 1982.

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U.B.R. - Corpus delicti (1984) EP

U.B.R. was one of the first hardcore / punk bands in Slovenia and the former Yugoslavia. This is their EP from 1984.

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O! KULT - Live (1982-1983)

O! KULT album recorded live at Šentvid, Ljubljana in 1983., and at Novi Rock, Križanke, Ljubljana in 1982.

O! KULT - Mladi imajo moč (1982) Single

O! KULT officially came together on the outskirts of Ljubljana, in Medvode, exactly two years after Tito’s death, in 1982. In the same week, they had their first gig in Kočevje. In a Radio Student broadcast, Igor Vidmar called them “a new discovery of Ljubljana’s punk underground” which culminated in a concert at Novi rock ’82. In January 1983, they played in “Dom Svobode” in Ljubljana Šentvid and recorded a live cassette “Class Struggle is the Only Motive of History”, which was later on in winter released by ŠKUC Gallery in 330 copies with a fanzine supplement. This is their single recorded in 1982, and published in 2012. (by Igor Bašin)

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INDUST-BAG - V obdobju zločina (1987)

INDUST-BAG was a legendary Slovenian punk/new wave, and later more rock band, from Metlika in Bela Krajina (Slovenia), started in 1979. First bigger concert was at Novi Rock '81 in Ljubljana. This is their first album from 1987.

GORI USSI WINNETOU - Welcome Home (1989)

GORI UŠI WINNETOU second album from 1989.

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GORI USSI WINNETOU - Addio Pola (1988)

GORI UŠI WINNETOU is a non-formal cabaret-rock group from Pula, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) founded in 1986 by Franci Blasković (singer-songwriter and bass player). He is native from Pula and is married to another Pula’s artist and musician - Arinka Šegando. "Addio Pola" was Franci's first album issued in 1988. Franci and his band are credited for the foundation of “Ća val” – a term that describe the rock music in chakavian dialect. Non confirmism would be probably the most appropriate word to describe Franci’s opera. (