subota, 28. lipnja 2014.

RAMBO AMADEUS - Hoćemo gusle (1989)

RAMBO AMADEUS (Antonije Pušić) is a Beograd-based singer-songwriter from Crna Gora. A self-titled "musician, poet, and media manipulator", he is a popular phenomenon on the music scenes of the former Yugoslavia. His songs combine satirical lyrics on the nature of common people and silliness of local politics. He uses a mixture of musical styles including jazz and rock (converging towards drum and bass lately). This is his second album from 1989. (from wikipedia)

petak, 27. lipnja 2014.

IZVIR - Izvir (1977)

Jazz-rock band IZVIR was formed in Ljubljana, Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia) back around 1971, although not under that name, and was active until 1978. In this period they released two singles and the eponymous LP album, which today rank as highly valued collectors' items and are rare to find. Members of the band were Marko Bitenc (vocal, percussion), Marjan Lebar (bass), Slavko Lebar (guitar), Andrej Petković (drums), Franc Opeka (guitar), Davor Petrić (guitar) and Andrej Konjajev (organ, piano, vocal). After the break-up of Izvir, most of them collaborated with group Predmestje and other Slovenian jazz-rock acts. (from

IZVIR - Medtem (1976) Single

IZVIR one and only one single record from 1976.

srijeda, 18. lipnja 2014.

ULICA OD MESECA - Ulica od meseca (1987)

ULICA OD MESECA was a Serbian rock band from Beograd, active in the 2nd half of 80s in former Yugoslavia. Band was follow-up of "Tvrdo srce i velike uši" band. This is their only album from 1987.

petak, 13. lipnja 2014.

HOROSKOP - Horoskop (1980)

HOROSKOP was founded by former members of rock groups "Fire" and "Demoni" Željko Thes (guitar, vocal), Zoran Gruić (keyboards, vocal), Miljenko Balić (bass, vocal) and Emil Vugrinec (drums). This is their one and only one album from 1980.

četvrtak, 12. lipnja 2014.

FLOWER ROCKY BOYS - Ulična svetla (1990) Maxi single

FLOWER ROCKY BOYS were a Serbian rock band from Novi Sad, active in period 1987-1993 in former Yugoslavia. Members were Slobodan Dulović (vocals), Bogdan Kljakić (bass), Dragan Kašiković (drums) and Milan Malešević (guitar). This is their EP from 1990.

srijeda, 11. lipnja 2014.

BRZE BANANE - Brze banane (1990)

BRZE BANANE was a pop rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1990.

ponedjeljak, 9. lipnja 2014.

VIKTORIJA - Spavaćeš sam (1988)

VIKTORIA was a rock singer from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. "Viktorija" started as a band, but later Snežana Mišković continued solo using the same name as her own. This is her first album from 1988.

subota, 7. lipnja 2014.

SKOL - Čista perverzija (1990)

SKOL was a high energy punk-rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1990.

petak, 6. lipnja 2014.

FANTOMI - Veliki odmor (1990)

FANTOMI were a rockabilly band from Zagreb (Croatia), in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1990.