srijeda, 26. ožujka 2014.

JANEZ BONČINA-BENČ - Ob šanku (1983)

JANEZ BONČINA-BENČ is a Slovenian singer and guitar player. He was founding member of 'September' and was also member of 'Helioni', 'Mladi Levi', 'Srce' and 'The Generals'. This is his first solo album from 1983.

nedjelja, 23. ožujka 2014.

SRCE - Gvendolina, kdo je bil? (1972) Single

SRCE was founded in 1972, in Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia) by the famous Slovenian singer and guitarist Janez Bončina-Benč. They recorded only one EP in 1972 and split up.

subota, 22. ožujka 2014.

PETA RIJEKA - Mala sa Vardara (1978) Single

PETA RIJEKA was a rock band from Karlovac (Croatia), in former Yugoslavia. This is their only solo single record from 1978. (thanks to sveto)


petak, 21. ožujka 2014.

MALO DALJE - Kupit ću sprej (1979) Single

MALO DALJE was a rock band from Croatia, in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one single record from 1979. All further informations are welcome. (thanks to teacher)


četvrtak, 20. ožujka 2014.

ZASILNI IZHOD - Nužni izlaz (1984)

ZASILNI IZHOD was a jazz rock band from Murska Sobota (Slovenia), in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one album from 1984. Any further informations are welcome.


srijeda, 19. ožujka 2014.

OBOJENI PROGRAM - Najvažnije je biti zdrav (1990)

OBOJENI PROGRAM is alternative rock band from Novi Sad (Serbia), formed in 1980. This is their first album from 1990.


utorak, 18. ožujka 2014.

HEROINA - Heroina (1985)

HEROINA was art rock/electro pop band from Novi Sad (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia, founded in 1985. This is their first album from 1985. Album produced by Rex Ilusivii.

četvrtak, 13. ožujka 2014.

BAMBINOSI - Ne diraj mog druga (1986)

BAMBINOSI was a pop rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1986.

utorak, 11. ožujka 2014.

HOGARI - Ima dana (1986-1990)

HOGARI were a punk rock band from Beograd (Serbia), existed from 1986-1991. Here are some of their demo songs from that period.


subota, 8. ožujka 2014.

LAČNI FRANZ - Na svoji strani (1986)

LAČNI FRANZ was a rock band from Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). The band was formed in Maribor in June 1979. Their name, meaning hungry Franz, is a pun on Hungry Joe, and describes hunger for rock music. The band's music and attitude was a kind of laid back, and they portrayed themselves as a local band from a provincial town. Predin's lyrics ranged from disturbing ballads (Ne mi dihat za ovratnik, Lipa zelenela je), through love songs (Čakaj me, Naj ti poljub nariše ustnice), to social and political satire (Praslovan, Naša Lidija je pri vojakih). While their "predecessors" Buldožer utilized sheer madness, Lačni Franz's lyrics were intertexered with self-irony, even when describing dark themes. The key band members were frontman and songwriter Zoran Predin, and guitarist Oto Rimele. The band made the most creative success by the end of 1980s, with classical albums such as "Ikebana", "Adijo pamet", "Ne mi dihat za ovratnik", and "Na svoji strani" (the last one made with the original crew). Their last studio album was released in 1994. Lačni Franz officially ceased to exist in 1997 after a series of compilation albums. Zoran Predin continued solo career after the Lačni Franz disbanded. Many band's hits, such as "Praslovan", "Bog nima telefona", "Vaterpolist", "Ne mi dihat za ovratnik", "Čakaj me" or "Naj ti poljub nariše ustnice", have remained in his concert repertoire. The band briefly regathered in winter 2005-2006, and held a series of concerts in Slovenia, Belgrade, and Zagreb. (from wikipedia)

četvrtak, 6. ožujka 2014.

RAŠA ĐELMAŠ - Hot Rock (1982)

RATISLAV RAŠA ĐELMAŠ started his career as the drummer in the band Anđeli, continuing it in bands Hendriksova deca, Mobi Dik and Felix. In 1972, he became a member of Pop mašina, later that year he moved to Siluete, and finally to YU Grupa. With YU Grupa he recorded the albums "YU Grupa" (1973), "Kako to da svaki dan?" (1974)[1] and YU Grupa (1975), before leaving it and forming Zebra in 1976. With Zebra he released the album "Kažu da takav je red" (1979), on which he played drums and keyboards and sung. In 1982, he released the solo album "Hot rok", which featured Đelmaš on drums and vocals, Bata Kostić on guitar and Laza Ristovski on keyboards. After the album release Đelmaš retired from music and dedicated himself to auto racing and his restaurant. In 1989 he returned to YU Grupa, and with the band recorded albums "Tragovi" (1990) and "Rim 1994" (1995). At the end of 1990s, he left YU Grupa. (from wikipedia)

ponedjeljak, 3. ožujka 2014.

HALI GALI HALID - Vo-zdra (1990)

HALI GALI HALID was the brain child of Croatian rock'n'roll mench Goran Bare, frontman/mastermind of Majke and all-around debonaire man-about-town. When Majke went on hiatus, Bare formed Hali Gali Halid to make fun of the Turkish pop craze sweeping Croatia. Hali Gali Halid lasted for a couple of years and then fell apart. (from the net)


nedjelja, 2. ožujka 2014.

BIS-BEZ - Što e vreva (1966-73)

BIS-BEZ was formed in 1965, in Skopje, Macedonia (ex-Yugoslavia) from the two best rock groups Bezimeni and Biseri. They never realized no one record. On "Zagreb Pop Festival" in 1970, they were winners with song "Dal' da plačam, il' da peam".

subota, 1. ožujka 2014.

BOJAN DROBEŽ - Bojan Drobež (1981)

BOJAN DROBEŽ is an Slovenian guitar player, vocalist and composer. He plays contemporary guitar music. During 1973 and 1978 he worked as composer and singer, alone or with the group Orehek. His first record in 1980 meant the novelty in Yugoslavia, authorial music played in "fingerpicking" technics. After that record Drobež stopped singing and continued with composing, playing and recording guitar music. This is his first album from 1981. (from