petak, 28. veljače 2014.

NECA FALK - Neca Falk (1979-81)

MARIJETA NECA FALK is an Slovenian pop-rock female singer from Ljubljana, most popular in 80's. This is compilation album of her best songs from 1979-80.


subota, 22. veljače 2014.

PETAR UGRIN - Samo muzika (1979)

PETAR UGRIN was a  Slovenian jazz musician (trumpet, violin) and composer. He was a member of many Yugoslavian jazz projects at the time (Mladi levi, September, Jugoslovenska pop selekcija, Greentown Jazz Band etc.). He died in 2001.

srijeda, 19. veljače 2014.

KRIK - Krik (1986)

KRIK was a rock band from Serbia, in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1986. All further informations are welcome.


ponedjeljak, 17. veljače 2014.

KATAPULT - Jesenji vetar (1988)

KATAPULT was a pop-rock band from Bar (Montenegro), formed in 1987. in fomer Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1988.


nedjelja, 9. veljače 2014.

KOZMETIKA - Kozmetika (1983)

KOZMETIKA was a Serbian new-wave band from Beograd, active in period 1978-1983. Their discography includes just one long play.


subota, 8. veljače 2014.

ELEKTRIČNI ORGAZAM - Distorzija (1986)

ELEKTRIČNI ORGAZAM formed in 1979, in Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). Originally starting as a combination of new wave, punk rock and post-punk, the band later slowly changed their style, becoming a mainstream rock act. Their fourth album named "Distorzija" is really one of the best yugo rock records. Almost every song is hit. They smelted late 60s Stones r & b sound together with punk energy and great power pop melodies. Here and there they added some psychobilly spices and acid rock magic. With this record they became very popular in whole Yugoslavia. (from