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ZAMBA - Udarac nisko (1983)

ZAMBA was a Serbian rock band from Beograd (ex-Yugoslavia), active in period 1983-1984. Their discography includes one 7" single and one LP.

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CENZURA - Frigidno vreme (1981-87)

CENZURA was formed in 1981, in Pančevo (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. They recorded  a few songs for Radio Beograd and never released any album. This is their demo songs. (thanks to peropero7)


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STUDENI STUDENI - Čisto kao suza (1990) EP

STUDENI STUDENI was an alter-rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. They recorded only one EP in 1990.

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RUSIJA - Glasnost (1988)

RUSIJA was a pop-rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. They recorded only one album in 1988.


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OSKAR - Oskar (1988-89)

OSKAR was a pop-rock band from Tetovo (Macedonia) in former Yugoslavia. They recorded only severel songs for RTV Skopje.

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HEROJI - Heroji '88 (1988)

HEROJI were a Serbian new wave/pop-rock band from Beograd, active in period 1986-1988 in former Yugoslavia. Members were Vladimir Đurić-Đura and Milutin Petrović (vocals) with backing band: Ivan Vdović-Vd (drums), Vladan Aćimović-Aćim (guitar), Miša Savić-Mipi (keyboards) and Rade Bulatović-Čeja (bass). This is their only album.

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SIN ALBERT - Sin Albert (1990) EP

SIN ALBERT was an Croatian alter-rock band, active in period 1985-1990 in former Yugoslavia.


BADMINGTONS - Badmingtons (1984-85)

BADMINGTONS was formed in 1983, in Skopje (Macedonia) with the unconventional line-up: Vladimir Petrovski-Karter (guitar and vocals), Dean Škartov-Deko (keyboards) and Boris Georgiev-But (drums). In 1984 they recorded their first demo tape, and got the first prize at the Macedonian demo bands competition "Rokfest", which gave them an opportunity to record in the acclaimed M-2 studio of the music production branch of the national Macedonian Radio-Television. They recorded several songs, one of which is their trademark track "Site obični ludje". The new recordings were joined together with the previous material and released as the demo album titled "Posle mene što ti e gajle" in 1985. "Site obični luđe" became a Macedonian punk anthem and later was covered by several other artists. Badmingtons were also included with this song in the "Makedonski dokument" compilation album, along with other notable underground music acts. The style of Badmingtons is a straightforward punk rock, however occasionally they would go beyond the style into a sort of experimental rock. Badmingtons ceased to exist in 1986 and transformed itself into a new band called "Aleksandar Makedonski". (from wikipedia)

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PASKVELIJA - Paskvelija (1982-84)

PASKVELIJA was a short-lived jazz-rock band from Skopje (Macedonia) formed by former keyboard player of "Den za Den" Dragiša Soldatović. They never released an album. They recorded a few songs for Radio Skopje.

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IZLEZ - Izlez (1982)

IZLEZ was a jazz-rock group from Skopje (Macedonia) in former Yugoslavia, active in early 80's.

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MIODRAG-BATA KOSTIĆ - Rock And Roll (1975)

MIODRAG-BATA KOSTIĆ was the guitar player in groups Terusi, Yu Grupa and Opus. The longest time he spent in Yu Grupa and that was his most creative period. In 1975, together with Goran Bregović, Josip Boček and Vedran Božić he has recorded four songs for double album "Kongres rock majstora."

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IDIOGEN - Drive You Mad (1987)

IDIOGEN started as an idea & pre-high-school-band at the beginning of the 80's in Koper (Slovenia), in the often peculiar mindframe of founder & leader Andrea Flego, who thought up a semi-psychedelic rock power trio, not shy of wailing wah-wah guitar solos, feedback laced sound & blues fuelled riffing, often spoken (instead of sung) vocals, combining the onset & rise of what was to become the indie & garage scene, the lyrical insight of living behind the iron curtain with your head out in the world, and the legacy of an unabashed love for Jimi Hendrix. From 1982 on the band actually came into existance, rehearsing like maniacs, going through the inevitable toothing phase & line-up problems, recording a now long lost casette-only quasi-album for DID Koper in 1984, playing concerts in what back then was Yugoslavia and in 1985 recording a proper 33rpm vinyl debut album, self-titled, released in 1986 for cult label Slovenija Records (Yugoslavia's first true indie label, masterminded by eccentric mogul & patron Boris Furlan "Primitivc"). After "Idiogen", in 1987 "Burning", a 4 song mini LP by popular demand in Italy, followed for Toast Records of Torino, and finally their (possibly) masterpiece, the ambitious "Drive You Mad" album, in 1988. All releases, now collector's items, were distributed not only all over former Yugoslavia but also in Italy, the UK and the US, collaborating with cult labels such as Rough Trade Records of London, or Supporti Fonografici of Milan. The band was extensively & mostly enthusiastically reviewed by national (Rock, Dzuboks, Mladina, Stop, Antena) and even international mags, raging from major publications to now classic, semi-obscure zines (Spin, Melody Maker, New Musical Express, Rock'n'Roll Confidential, Rockstar, Rockerilla, Mucchio Selvaggio, Buscadero, Urlo, Buzz, etc). They played all over Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, and then, divided by Yugoslav army incombences, excessive friendship & good times (!!!) and the inevitable "musical diversities", in the best rock&roll tradition broke up at the height of tfoheir powers at the dawn of 1990. (from wikipedia)