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THE END BAND - All Tomorrow's P. (1988) Single

"All Tomorrow's P." is the one and only one single record released by THE END BAND from 1988. (thanks to sveto)


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THE END BAND - W.C.H. (1986)

A musical division of 'The End Media' group (Art group focused on experimental electronic imaging and multimedia, co-founded in mid 80s by Gradimir Aleksić) that experimented with a variety of correlations between the aesthetics of video image and sound. They produced four albums of music ("W.C.H.", "Children of the R.", "The Worse of..." and "O' Wari"). The End Band experimented with cable TV and the application of new technologies for Art for TV. First line-up was: Gradimir Aleksić (guitar, keyboards), Saša Sax Stojanović (keyboards, saxophone, guitar), Žaklina Lukić - (vocals) and Branimir Lokner (guitar). Second line up was even stronger with Gradimir Aleksić (guitar), Nenad Vitomirac (drums), Zoran Nakovski (bass) and Dubravka Živković (vocals) (mind-blowing actress-singer). THE END BAND issued double A side single "Children of the R./All Tomorrows P." with pondering rhythm section and provocative singing (CDA, Sarajevo 1988). A year later they published, first in Slovenia and later in Serbia (Rockland) audiocassette "The Worse of..." covering 10 milestones of RNR with anthological 'Sympathy for the Devil' cover. The same year they toured the clubs with their controversial stage acts. In 1989/90 Nakovski and Živković quit The End Band and Aleksić and Vitomirac took 17 years old prodigy child Aleksandar Grujić on bass and vocals. 'The End Band' adopted dark and depressive sound with equal lyrics, predicting the future of their homeland. They rehearsed in old abandoned house for months before entering the studio played by B. Lokner's "Rockland Production". They entered studio "Akademia" in Belgrade for almost six months recording their last album "O'Wari", a collection of deep and dark songs such as 'We Were', 'The House', 'Here Comes the Moon and Wet', to name a few. After series of gigs in the war thorn country they disbanded in 1991 with excerption of participation in LED ART movement, under the name VIA, where they recorder the pure noise soundrack in the cold storages, centrically pushing the limits of physical capabilities of musical instruments and personal strength. 'The End Band' never followed any style or trend, aproaching the scene from the individual angle and silently influencing numerous bands after their time. They are not to be mixed with contemporary Canadian band with the same name. (from - thanks to sveto -

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INSTANT KARMA - Deset godina pre (1990)

INSTANT KARMA is a Serbian pub-rock/rock 'n' roll band from Zrenjanin, formed in 1984. This is their first album from 1990.


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BASDANS - Čovjek od kamena (1987)

BASDANS was a rock band from Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. These are demo songs from 1987. (thanks to bokii)


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MILE RUPČIĆ - Ploča (1976)

MILE RUPČIĆ is a Croatian actor and singer-songwriter. In 70s he recorded a few single records and one album "Ploča Mile Rupčića".

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FIRE - Could You Understand Me (1973)

FIRE was a rock band from Čakovec (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Jura Havidić (guitars, vocals), Miljenko Balic (bass guitar) and Emil Vugrinec (drums, vocals). This is their one and only one album from 1973.

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DUH NIBOR - Mala noćna muzika (1981-1984)

DUH NIBOR was a rock band from Beograd (Serbia), active since 1981-1984. Member were Igor Pervić (vocal), Milan Dragović (guitar), Dejan Stefanović (keyboards), Dušan Petrović (bass) and Relja Mirković (drums). This is their demo songs.


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VICKO MILATOVIĆ - U ritmu srca malog dobošara (1986)

VICKO MILATOVIĆ is a Serbian musician, best known as the drummer for the Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band Riblja Čorba. In 1986, Vicko Milatović released his first solo album "U ritmu srca malog dobošara", produced by Kornelije Kovač. Milatović formed Vicko Band, a support band for the concerts that followed album release. Vicko Band disbaned after three months due to Milatović's obligations towards Riblja Čorba. (from wikipedia) - thanks to teacher - 

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MORBIDI I MNOĆI - Psihodelične oči (1985-89)

MORBIDI I MNOĆI was a rock band from Beograd (Serbia), active in 80s. Members were Milorad Milinković (guitar, vocal), Mario Surjan (guitar, vocal), Dejan Stefanović (bass, vocal) and Sterije Tolić (drums). They never released an album.

DR. STEEL - Čekam na noć (1987)

DR. STEEL was a Croatian heavy-metal band from Rijeka, formed in 1981. Members were Boris Sarajlić - vocals, Miro Klarić - guitar, Dalmo Tomin - guitar, Davor Vučetić - bass guitar and Željko Pajić - drums. This is their first album from 1987.


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RAJKO KOJIĆ - Ne budi me bez razloga (1983) Mini LP

RAJKO KOJIĆ was a Serbian and former Yugoslav guitarist, best known for his work with band Riblja Čorba. In 1983 Rajko Kojić released his solo EP "Ne budi me bez razloga". Other Riblja Čorba members made guest appearances on this EP. EP also featured Laza Ristovski on keyboard. In 1984 Kojić left the band. After leaving Riblja Čorba Rajko Kojić was involved in only few projects: He made a guest appearance on Bajaga i Instruktori album "Jahači magle" in 1986, wrote part of the folk band Svilen Konac's song "Sad ljubavi više nema" in 1987 and made a guest appearance on Indijanci self-titled album in 1995. He died in Beograd on April 11, 1997 and was buried in his native village of Jarkovac. (from wikipeia)

ZMIJSKI UGRIZ MLADOG LAVA - Pivo i kolači (1978-1982)

ZMIJSKI UGRIZ MLADOG LAVA was a rock band from Sisak (Croatia), active in the late 70s and early 80s, in the Theatre "Daska". These are their unreleased songs from 1978-1982. (thanks to Goran Borojević)


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LET 2 - Letjeti je teško (1983-1986)

LET 2 was a Croatian rock band from Rijeka, formed in 1983, as musical section of wider mulimedia project "Strukturne ptice". In 1987 both 'Strukturne ptice' and 'Let 2' were transformed into the band LET 3. Members were Zoran Prodanović-Prlja (ex Walter, Umjetnici ulice) - vocals; Damir Martinović-Mrle (ex Beta Centaury, Termiti) - bass, vocals; Berislav Dumenčić Kiko (ex Termiti) - drums and Mladen Vičić Richie (ex Paraf) - guitar. This is their unreleased tracks from 1983-1986.

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LEGIJA - Legija (1987)

LEGIJA was a Croatian hard rock band from Zagreb, in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1987.