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JOSIPA LISAC - Dnevnik jedne ljubavi (1973)

As an extraordinary musically gifted child, at the age of ten years JOSIPA LISAC became a member of the Croatian National Television choir. While singing the serious musical repertoire, from the old sacral, classical and modern-avangarde, to folk-traditional music, she acquired her first and then more and more rich musical education. Although she was brought up on Monteverdi, Bach, Beethoven and Britten, soon she started to take real interest in rock music, and in 1967 she became the lead singer of a popular rock group O’HARA, and shortly afterwards ZLATNI AKORDI. Her very first appearance in public provoked a true sensation with the mass audience: her singing sublimes the very best from the variety of the musical genres, and her first festival appearance, on the greatest popular music festival of that time in the Croatian town Opatija, announces the arrival and the appearance of an extraordinary singing personality on then-Yugoslavian music scene. Acquaintance, friendship and love with a popular Croatian rock'n'roll singer and composer, Karlo Metikoš (internationally known as Matt Collins), completely rounds off both her life and her musical direction. Karlo's experience and strong personality as an author shaped Josipa Lisac as a unique artist and a woman. Their first joint LP album from 1973, "Dnevnik jedne ljubavi", remains until today one of the best conceptual rock achievements in ex-Yugoslavian and croatian discography. Together they made around 13 LP albums and CDs, in all of which Karlo Metikoš acted as an author and a producer. Josipa Lisac soon proved her multiple talents with an acclaimed and demanding performance as the girl Jana in the first Croatian (and Yugoslavian) rock opera "Gubec-beg”, by Ivica Krajač, Karlo Metikoš and Miljenko Prohaska, which had its premiere in 1975. The same year she made a jazz album with some of the world's greatest musicians of that genre (Ernie Wilkins, Clark Terry, Johnny Basso...), called "Josipa Lisac & B.P. Convention Big Band International", produced by Bosko Petrović and Karlo Metikoš. Soon afterwards she leaves with Karlo to the USA for three years, where she makes recordings and collaborates with some of the top American musicians (Ira Newborn, Paulinho da Costa, Joel Peskin, etc); the result of which is "Made in USA" album, recorded in 1979, on both English and Croatian language, in the LA's Studio 55 and Sounds good recordings. During the 1980s Josipa continued to occasionally record albums and perform back in Yugoslavia. The sudden death of Karlo Metikoš on December 10, 1991, along with the turbulent beginning of the 90-is, brought considerable changes to the context of her work. In the following years she prepares numerous concerts as a tribute to him, which are traditionally held until today. Her latest studio album, symbolically called "Život", made in the year 2000, was marked by the modern sound and experimenting with electronics, thanks to the collaboration with a versatile producer and orchestrator Gojko Tomljanović. After a 13-year break from recording a studio album (since "Boginja" in 1987), she promoted "Život" on the tribute concert to Karlo in the December 2000. The year 2005 produced yet another remake, on the concert in Zagreb dedicated to the songs of the progressive/folk-rock veteran, Drago Mlinarec, where Josipa performed a song entitled "Helena lijepa i ja u kiši". The first album “Dnevnik jedne ljubavi”, recorded in collaboration with musicians from the progressive rock band TIME, is highly recommended to prog fans. Other albums are also worth investigating, where she developed quite an eclectic musical and art concept mixing rock, pop, jazz, R’n’B and contemporary symphonic music. Styling and design have always been one of important elements of her artistic expression. (from

JOSIPA LISAC - Ležaj od suza

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STRANCI - Vrati mi se, vrati (1972) Single

STRANCI were a pop rock band from Zagreb (Croatia), active in the 70s and early 80s. This is their second single record from 1972.


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NEPOPRAVLJIVI - First Report (1989)

NEPOPRAVLJIVI are the rock band from Vinkovci (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1989.


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DEE DEE MELLOW - Live (1988)

DEE DEE MELLOW was formed in Zagreb (Croatia), in 1986, by Srđan Sacher (ex-Haustor) - bass guitar, vocals, Jurij Novoselić (ex-Film) - saxophone, keyboards, vocals and Srđan Gulić (ex-Haustor) - drums, vocals. This is their only album recorded live in Studio M, in Novi Sad.

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SEID MEMIĆ-VAJTA - Zlatna ribica (1979)

SEID MEMIĆ, known by his stage name VAJTA, is a Bosnian singer. From 1975 to 1976 Vajta was a vocalist for the rock band Teška industrija, who enjoyed great commercial success throughout the Balkan countries but later dissolved. This is his first solo album from 1979. (from wikipedia)