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DAVORIN POPOVIĆ - Svaka je ljubav ista (osim one prave ) 1976

DAVORIN POPOVIĆ (23 September 1946 - 18 June 2001) was a Bosnian musician, well known throughout the former Yugoslavia. He was the lead singer and frontman of the progressive and pop rock band Indexi throughout most of their career. He and his band "Indexi" became founders of specific music style in former Yugoslavia known as "Sarajevo pop-rock school" who later influenced other bands and singers in Sarajevo and other parts of Yugoslavia. Personally, he was popularly associated with the 1960s bohemian lifestyle of Sarajevo. In his youth, he was a successful basketball player. During his career, he earned nicknames like "Pimpek", "Davor", "Dačo" or simply "Pjevač" due to his unique nasal voice. In parallel with the group work, he pursued a solo career between 1975 and 1996, albeit in a non-continuous manner. On most of his solo works one or another line-up of Indexi played as backing studio musicians, so his solo career is closely related with that of the band itself. This was also stressed in the album titles when they are usually credited to "Davorin and Indexi" or similar. During the siege of Sarajevo in 1995, he represented Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin with the song "Dvadeset prvi vijek", finishing in 19th place of the 23 entries. Some of the most popular songs commonly associated with Indexi were actually issued as Davorin's solo works, such as "I pad je let" or "U tebi se žena rađa" from his debut LP "Svaka je ljubav ista (osim one prave)" from 1976, which was oddly the first studio album with entirely new songs that was recorded by Indexi as a group (they used to issue singles and compilations rather than studio albums). It was however released as Davorin's solo effort because the band was working on their progressive masterpiece "Modra Rijeka" at that time. Music on Popović's solo albums is generally closer to mainstream pop rock and easy-listening schlager songs, although some retained the trademark Indexi rock formula. (from wikipedia)

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OSVAJAČI - Krv i led (1990)

OSVAJAČI was a rock band from Kragujevac (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1990.


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LOLA V. STAIN - Ikona (1990)

LOLA V. STAIN formed in 1987, in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia (then part of SFR Yugoslavia). They took inspiration for the name from a Marguerite Duras novel. Their music can be described as electro-acoustic ambient with Macedonian ethno influence. Released two albums, Ikona (1990) and Mansarda (1992), both for the Croatian label “Blind Dog Records”. The group ceased work after its second album. (from discogs.com)

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ARKANA - Noću mi se često (1986)

ARKANA was a Croatian synth-pop/funk-rock band from Rijeka, active in mid 80s in former Yugoslavia. Members were Ivica Petričić - (vocals, harmonica, RX11), Damir Pavešić - (bass, RX11), Argeo Jovanović - (drums), Duško Gembić - (guitar) and Vedran Križan - (synths). This is their one and only one album from 1986. (thanks to lucky)

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PARLAMENT - Bez riječi (1983)

PARLAMENT never released album from 1983. (thanks to sveto)



As a teenager DEJAN CUKIĆ was a singer of band Dizel. After leaving Dizel, he joined Tilt, and later Bulevar. Cukić released two albums with Bulevar: "Loš i mlad" and "Mala noćna panika". After Bulevar disbaned in 1982, Cukić started working as a journalist. In 1984 he became a member of Bajaga i Instruktori. He recorded three albums with Bajaga i Instruktori: "Pozitivna geografija", "Sa druge strane jastuka" and "Jahači magle". In the spring of 1987 he released his first solo album "Spori ritam". Album featured a cover of Azra's song "A šta da radim". The same summer Cukić went on Bajaga i Instruktori Soviet Union tour, which was his last tour with the band. In 1988 he formed Spori Ritam Bend. The first lineup of the band featured Dragan Mitrić (keyboard), Vlada Negovanović (guitar), Safet Petrovac (guitar), Slobodan Jurišić (drums), and Branko Isaković (bass guitar). In 1989 Isaković became a member of Kerber, and Bata Božanić replaced him. This lineup recorded album "Zajedno". The title track was a cover of The Beatles' song "Come Together". At the time Petrovac left the band and Božanić was replaced by Nenad Novaković. In 1991 both Isaković and Petrovac returned to the band. Album "1991" was soon released. It featured a cover of Bulevar's song "Nestašni dečaci". As Yugoslav wars started, Cukić made a three-year break. (from wikipedia)

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CRNO BIJELI - Gospođica Lina (1973) Single

CRNO BIJELI was formed in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) in early seventies. They recorded a few singles and split up. This is their first single record from 1973.

ZLATNI AKORDI - Dani (1971) Single

ZLATNI AKORDI second single record from 1971 with Zlatko Pejaković as a lead vocal.


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