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DELFINI - Ne pitaj me ništa (1967) EP

DELFINI second EP from 1967.

DELFINI - Noćas kad si otišla (1966) EP

When it comes to 60's, there was thousands of rock'n'roll and garage bands all over Yugoslavia. However, only a very few bands made any records. This is the story of a band which recorded perhaps the most exciting garage rock EP in the 60's. Their name is DELFINI and they come from Zagreb. Several students with a professional singer Zdenko Juran formed Delfini in 1963. They played together for several years until record label Jugoton cut them a deal and published their first EP record. Their energy and creativity especially unleashed in an explosive James Brown cover "I'll Go Crasy". However, the real highlight is an addictive blues version of the Macedonian folk song "Kaleš bre Anđo" , with an amazing keyboard solo by Petko Kantardžijev. Nikola Sarapa also delivered a fine guitar work. Much later in his career, Sarapa had an excellent hard rock band called Stop mostly based on Jimmy Hendrix covers. Unfortunately, the EP was also the end of Delfini's creative period. By the end of 1967 Juran and the bass player Raymond Rujić hired the entire new crew and published their second EP with an inferior musicianship. Still, their song "Bebel" about the French actor Jean Paul Belmondo form their second EP is regarded as a wonderful example of proto-punk. (from

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CENTER ZA DEHUMANIZACIJO - Demonstracije (1987)

CENTER ZA DEHUMANIZACIJO was Slovenian alter-rock band formed in 1983 in Maribor (ex-Yugoslavia). In different phases of their work they played punk rock, industrial rock, electro pop, and even had acoustic performances. Members were Dušan Hedl (guitar, vocals), Bojan Tomažič (sampler, effects, vocals), Boštjan Imenšek (guitar, backing vocals), Franci Novak (drums) and Silvo Zemljič (bass, backing vocals). This is their first album recorded in club "Trate" in 1987., and published in 2010. (from

NUCLEARCHY - Dead Broke (1988-1989)

NUCLEARCHY was trash metal band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their demo recordings from 1988-1989. (thanks to arlly slash)

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ROK MAŠINA - Rok mašina (1981)

ROK MAŠINA was formed in 1980 by former "Pop Mašina" members Robert Nemeček (vocals and bass guitar) and brothers Zoran and Vidoja Božinović (guitars). Soon afterwards, a former member of the band "Pop Šou", Vladan Dokić (drums) joined the band. They had its first live appearance in 1980, in Zagreb, as a part of the event named "Pozdrav iz Beograda". Soon afterwards the band released the album "Rok Mašina" through Jugodisk record label. Later that year, Dragan Đorđević, a former member of "Generacija 5", replaced Dokić, but at the time of the great popularity of New Wave bands in former Yugoslavia, the future for the band was not very promising, and they disbanded in 1982, while recording their second studio album. (from wikipedia)

REX ILUSIVII - Disillusioned! (1987)

Mitar "Suba" Subotić a.k.a REX ILUSIVII was a Serbian-born musician and composer who was set to become one of Brazil's most prominent producers when he died in November 1999. He was a pioneer of electronic music in all of the former Yugoslav countries, since he mixed and produced a number of celebrated albums of Yugoslav New Wave acts such as Ekatarina Velika, Haustor, Marina Perazić in the course of the 1980s. In 1986, his fusion of electronic music and Yugoslav folk lullabies, "In The Mooncage" was awarded the International Fund for Promotion of Culture from UNESCO, which included a three-month scholarship to research Afro-Brazilian rhythms in Brazil. Falling in love with the country and its music, he emigrated to Sao Paulo in the 1990s, where his fruitful production began and ended. During that time he participated Milan Mladenović's last project "Angel's Breath", and recorded his famous album "Sao Paulo Confessions." On November 2, 1999, he was working on the post-production of the album of his new-found diva, Bebel Gilberto, when his studio caught fire. Overcome by smoke, he died trying to rescue the newly recorded material with her. Suba died just a few days after the release of his now-legendary album "Sao Paulo Confessions", and shortly before the completion of Bebel Gilberto's acclaimed "Tanto Tempo", the biggest selling Brazilian album outside Brazil. (from wikipedia)

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OGLEDALA - Sve se nastavlja (1984)

OGLEDALA were a rock band from Rijeka (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one album from 1984, wich was later remastered and re-released in 2008.

SCABIA - Demo snimci (1986-1989)

SCABIA was a rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their demo recordings from 1986-1989. (thanks to seyo)

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PETAR I ZLI VUCI - Sve (1981-1983)

These are all the songs that the band PETAR I ZLI VUCI made during their short career.

PETAR I ZLI VUCI - Ogledalo (1981) Single

PETAR I ZLI VUCI were a former Yugoslav New wave/ska band from Beograd. During the late 1980s, former "Hipnotisano pile" vocalist Bojan Banović together with a former "Električni orgazam" guitarist Goran Sinadinović founded the band called Petar i Zli Vuci. The idea for the name came from Sinadinović and was inspired by the band-names from the 1960s. Soon after, vocalists Saša Lukić and Milan Popović, guitarist Vojin Jovanović "Voja", bassist Siniša Nojković and drummer Relja Obrenović joined the band. Most of the band members were high school friends from the Eleventh Beograd Gymnasium. The band got the public's attention by numerous club performances in Beograd and Zagreb. Ska style and unique live performances provided the band an opportunity to perform and win the Subotica Youth festival, in May 1981, with the song "Ogledalo". This song, with "Ubica" and "Na plaži" as the B-sides was released on single by Jugoton during the summer of 1981. The single, recorded at the "Druga maca" studio and produced by Enco Lesić, featured guest appearance by a former "The End Band" member Saša Stojanović "Sax" on saxophone. "Ogledalo", with the song "Kozaci", also appeared on the "Artistička radna akcija" various artists compilation, featuring the second generation of New Wave and punk rock bands from Beograd. After the compilation release, Saša Lukić, Milan Popović and Voja Jovanović left the band and Dragoljub Ljubičić "Mićko" (guitar, vocals) became the new band member. The new lineup recorded the single "Moroni" , released on the various artists compilation "Ventilator 202 Demo Top 10" by PGP-RTB in April 1983. The band split up during the same year. (from wikipedia)

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MIRIS - Ne razumem klinke ove (1981) Single

MIRIS was a pop rock band from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one single record published in 1981. (thanks to sveto)

GRUPA INAT - Prva ljubav (1982) Single

GRUPA INAT was a rock band from Nova Topola (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first single record from 1982. (thanks to sveto)

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HOBO - Hobo (1975)

The band HOBO was formed by keyboardist Mato Došen in 1972, in Zageb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). The line-up also included Saša Cavrić-bass, Josip Belamarić-el. violin, Boris Trubić-percussion, vocal and Mladen Garašić-drums. They appeared at Ljubljana BOOM Festival 1974 and played as a support group at Deep Purple concert in Zagreb 1975. The same year they recorded their only one, eponymous album. Due to lack of commercial success, Mato Došen soon disbanded the group, and went on to become a successful pop producer and composer. (by Sead S. Fetahagić)

HOBO - Žena (1975) Single

HOBO one and only one single record from 1975.