nedjelja, 31. svibnja 2020.

BAJAN - Izgubljene vrpce (1990)

BAJAN is a rock musician (songwriter and guitar player) from Split (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia.

NIKI - "42" (1989) EP

NIKI (aka Kostas Nikki) was a pop rock singer from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is his promo EP from 1989. (thanks to sveto)

nedjelja, 24. svibnja 2020.

ZABRANJENO PUŠENJE - Dok čekaš sabah sa šejtanom (1985)

"Dok čekaš sabah sa šejtanom" is the second studio album by former Yugoslav band ZABRANJENO PUŠENJE released in 1985, recorded at SIM studio, Zagreb.

ZABRANJENO PUŠENJE - Das Ist Walter (1984)

ZABRANJENO PUŠENJE was founded in 1981, in Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina (ex-Yugoslavia). The band they formed was called Pseudobluz Band. All members were involved in the radio show "Top lista nadrealista", so they already had stage names. The original line-up consisted of Nenad Janković (vocals, keyboards), Davor Sučić (guitar), Zenit Đozić (drums), Mustafa Čengić (guitar), Mladen Mitić (bass guitar) and Ognjen Gajić (saxophone, flute). They were occasionally accompanied by Mirko Srdić as a guest, since he had his own band, "Elvis J. Kurtović & his Meteors". They soon started calling themselves "Pseudobluz bend Zabranjeno Pušenje", and after some time simply dropped the first part. Their first recording, "Penzioneri na more idu zimi", was made for Radio Sarajevo in early 1981. They performed around Sarajevo for two years before recording their first album "Das ist Walter" in June 1984, for Jugoton label. The line-up was altered and now Nenad Janković's younger brother Dražen Janković was on organ and Predrag Rakić took drums. Although it was publicized that Nenad Janković and Davor Sučić wrote the first album material, the fact is that Mustafa Čengić (lead guitar) and Mladen Mitić (bass guitar) were unpublished composers of a large portion of it, and also greatly influenced and contributed to all song arrangements. The album was initially released in 3000 copies, but the final count was 100,000 copies sold, setting a record for exceeding the initial release by 30 times. In autumn 1984 they embarked on a 60-concert nation-wide tour, making them one of the biggest Yugoslav rock attractions after just one album. (from wikipedia)

petak, 22. svibnja 2020.

MLADEN VOJIČIĆ-TIFA - Tifa no. 1 (1989)

MLADEN VOJIČIĆ-TIFA first studio album from 1989.

TIFA BAND - Samo ljubav postoji (1990)

MLADEN VOJIČIĆ-TIFA is a Bosnian rock vocalist. He became famous throughout former Yugoslavia for his brief stint as the lead singer of Bijelo dugme in mid-1980s. Apart from Bijelo dugme, he sang in numerous bands with varying degrees of prominence (most notable being Teška industrija, Vatreni poljubac and Divlje Jagode). Undisputedly a singer with great vocal capabilities, Tifa's impulsive personality and irrational character have often garnered controversy region-wide. Nowadays, Tifa maintains a relatively successful solo career. This is his second album from 1990. (from wikipedia)

utorak, 19. svibnja 2020.

METAK - U tetrapaku (1979)

METAK was formed in 1978, in Split, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). On 19th of November 1979 they released first album "U tetrapaku". Album was recorded in studio "Tetrapak" in Split and mastered by Julian Mills in Strawberry Mastering Studio in London, UK. Band members were: Željko Brodarić Jappa (vocal, guitar), Zlatko Brodarić (guitar), Marko Krstičević (bass, piano), Doris Tomić (keyboard) and Matko Jelavić (drums).