subota, 31. kolovoza 2019.

POP GRUPA 'SELEKCIJA' - Stari kovači (1973) Single

SELEKCIJA was a pop rock band from Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), formed by Zrinko Tutić (producer, singer-songwriter). This is their one and only one single record from 1973.

GRUPA T.L.X. - Čovek sa pehom (1982)

GRUPA T.L.X. was a hard rock band from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1982. (thanks to skeleton)

petak, 30. kolovoza 2019.

GRIVE - Roker (1978) Single

GRIVE were a rock band from Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). This is their one and only one single record from 1978. (thanks to Sacred Reich)

MUZEJ SARVAN - I tako svaki dan (1979) Single

MUZEJ SARVAN was a folk rock band from Beograd (Serbia), founded by Asim Sarvan (ex-S vremena na vreme). This is their one and only one single record from 1979.

četvrtak, 29. kolovoza 2019.

KAKAO - Pesma je ostala (1990) EP

KAKAO was a pop rock band from Inđija (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their EP from 1990. (thanks to zemunac62)

GRUPA HELIUM - Barbara (1973) Single

GRUPA HELIUM was a pop rock band from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one single record from 1973. (thanks to peropero7)

srijeda, 28. kolovoza 2019.

MEZOI - Aleja zaborava (1983)

MEZOI was a post punk rock band from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. Members were Dule (bass, vocal) and Vasa (synthesizers).

SVEŽA KRV - Sveža krv (1985)

SVEŽA KRV was a hard rock band from Loznica (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1985. (thanks to sveto)

utorak, 27. kolovoza 2019.

RICHARD III - U parku heroja (1986-1990)

RICHARD III was a rock band from Kragujevac (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. The band was formed in 1984. by Srđan Japan (vocals, guitar, synth), Miloš Jeftić (bass, synth) and Vlada Desnica (drums, vocals). This is their demo tracks from 1986-1990. (thanks to japankina)


PINO PAPILON BAND was an alternative rock band from Pula, Vodnjan (Croatia), formed by Edi Maružin (Gustafi). These are their demo tracks from 1987.

subota, 24. kolovoza 2019.

DOGOVOR IZ 1804. - Krug (1968-1969)

DOGOVOR IZ 1804 were an progressive rock group from Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). In late sixties group founded by Nebojša Ignjatović (vocal, guitar). Robert Nemeček (bass, flute, vocal), Saša Forenbaher (table), Predrag Simić (sitar), Dejan Vasiljević (vocal, flute), Aleksandar Stojić (vocal), and Stevan Milutinović (drums). They recorded only four songs and they split up in early 70s.

RUPA U ZIDU - Samo hladno (1990)

RUPA U ZIDU was a Bosnian hard-rock-punk-blues band from Tuzla. The band was rather prominent through the 90s fronted at that time by the charismatic singer and songwriter Damir Avdić. In almost 10 years, Rupa u zidu released 4 albums: "Samo hladno" in 1990, "Budi samo na distanci" (1994), "Love Me My Darling" (1995) and "Laku noć pacijenti" (1996). The 5th album "Kora" was recorded in 1999 but it was never published. After sharing the stage for a decade with Rupa u Zidu, Damir Avdić continued to perform as a solo artist. He also wrote a few songbooks and theater plays. This is their first album from 1990. (from

petak, 23. kolovoza 2019.

STABILIZACIJA - Demo Tapes (1982)

STABILIZACIJA was a rock band from Vodnjan (Croatia), active in the early of the 80's. This is their demo tapes from 1982.

BOBA STEFANOVIĆ - Ona, ona, ona (1976) Single

BOBA STEFANOVIĆ was a Serbian pop rock singer from Beograd. He started his music career with the band "Zlatni dečaci". This is his solo single record from 1976.

utorak, 20. kolovoza 2019.

BORGHESIA - Selected Works (1984-1989)

BORGHESIA is an electronic music group, founded in 1982 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The band was formed by four members of alternative theatrical group Theatre FV-112/15: Dario Seraval, Aldo Ivančič, Neven Korda and Zemira Alajbegović. They established FV Video to self-publish their video projects and FV Založba – the first independent record label in ex-Yugoslavia. Aldo and Dario took care of songwriting, production and recording while Zemira and Neven handled the visuals. In the late 80s the band signed to PIAS and went on to release a string of successful albums and played world-wide tours. They're still active. (wikipedia)

BORGHESIA - No Hope, No Fear (1987)

BORGHESIA mini LP from 1987.