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ETIOPIA - Etiopia (1990)

ETIOPIA was a Serbian rock band from Jagodina (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia, formed in 1984. They released two demos prior this album. One in 1984 and other 1987. This album was recorded in 1990 and also contains one song that was quite big hit back than ("Rođen u predgrađu"). They even manage to shot a video for this song in 1991. Than they also did second album but it was never released. They were active in period from 1984 to1993. Members were Dejan Đorđević (vocal, guitar), Miško Cvetković - (guitar, vocal), Saša Milojević (bass guitar) and Dušan Jevđović (drums). (from wikipedia)

DON - Ispod maske (1984)

DON was a pop rock band from Serbia, in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one album from 1984.

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KODEXI - Voljeti nekog (1969)

KODEXI were a rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their cover version of Bee Gees song "To Love Somebody) from 1969.

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SEKA KOJADINOVIĆ - Niko te neće zavoleti (1968) EP

SEKA KOJADINOVIĆ was one of the first female vocal in rock & roll in Serbia in 60s (ex-Yugoslavia). She was singing in Korni grupa in early period. This is their first EP from 1968.

GREASEBALLS - Stari vlak (1988-1990)

GREASEBALLS was a rockabilly band from Zagreb (Croatia), formed in 1986. These are their demo songs from 1988-1990.

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AMILA - Kakav divan dan (1985)

AMILA was a synth-pop music singer and lyricist from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. Also a back vocalist on many notable pop-rock albums. After recording notable back vocal session on a hit song "Volim te još" of Valentino, in 1985, in collaboration with Ipe Ivandić (ex-drummer of Bijelo dugme) she formed her own lead vocal synth-pop band named "Amila". This is their only one album published in 1985.

RAFALL BAND - Nova godina (1990) EP

RAFALL BAND was from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their EP from 1990. (thanks to dekiman)

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MAMA DOLORES - Rja v ustih (1988-1990)

MAMA DOLORES was a punk rock band from Metlika (Slovenia) in former Yugoslavia, active between 1984 an 1991. The band played at the legendary festival in Novi Rock in 1988.

PETAR PAN - Petar Pan 1 (1990)

PETAR PAN was formed in 1986, and spent the first year of activity preparing their debut album. After several lineup changes, the default lineup was formed, featuring Dejan Milošević (guitar, vocals), Veroljub Spasić (drums), Vangeli Dundas (guitar) and a former Mrgudi member Predrag Ivanišević (bass guitar). In 1989, the band won the first place at the Belgrade Spring festival demo bands competition. The award was a contract with PGP-RTB, however, the band never got an opportunity to record an album for the label. During the same year, the band released their debut album Od mržnje do ljubavi for the independent record label Rockland. Most of the album material was written by Milošević. Their following album, entitled "1", was released in 1990 through Rockland. The album featured melodic rock sound, and brought minor hits "Ptica" and "Bože pravde" (enitled after former anthem of Serbia), the latter composed by former Tvrdo Srce i Velike Uši and Ulica Od Meseca member Dragutin Savić. In 1993, Milošević left the band, and was replaced by former member of the Zagreb band Dum Dum Boys Dražen Kovačević. With him, the band recorded the album Bio jednom jedan r 'n' r, released in 1996 through ITMM. The album was produced by Dragoljub Spasić, and featured Dža ili Bu frontman Nebojša Simeunović "Sabljar" as guest. After the album was released, the band ended their activity. (from wikipedia)

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TRIVALIA - Dat Rosa Mel Apibus (1990) Single

TRIVALIA first single record from 1990.

TRIVALIA - Telo i duša (1987-1990)

TRIVALIA was formed 1986. in Niš, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia). Main members were Vladimir Žikić (alias Vlad-a-Mantis; music, lyrics and drum programming) and Boban Stojiljković (bass). Many musicians from Niš passed through the band, Ivan Marković amongst them. They never had drummer; they used rhythm machine. Band members also published ten issues of fanzine "Black Rider". From 1995. Vladimir Žikić works alone, but he kept the name Trivalia. These are their songs from the period 1987-1990. (from wikipedia)

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VRUĆ VETAR - Ona se meni i njemu ruga (1980) Single

VRUĆ VETAR was a Serbian rock band from Beograd, active in early 80s in former Yugoslavia. This is their first single record from 1980.

MRLJE - Mrtvi dečaci (1990) Single

MRLJE was a rock band from Titel (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first single record from 1990.

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STRELNIKOFF - On 45 (1990) Mini LP

STRELNIKOFF was a Slovenian electro punk-rock band from Ljubljana, active in period 1988-2001. Members were Franek Markošek (guitar), Robert Ceglar (saxophone), Tomaž Vučer (bass 1988-1989), Sergej Steblovnik (vocals & programming), Vasja Ocvirk (vocals & programming), Scheet (bass 1989-1990), Aleš Uratnik (bass 1994-1997) and Iztok Mravlje (bass (from 1997). This is their mini album from 1990. (from

DON MENTONY BLUES BAND - Don Mentony Blues Band (1988)

DON MENTONY BAND first studio album from 1988.

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DON MENTONY BAND - Rad bi bil baraba (1990)

DON MENTONY BAND third album from 1990.

DON MENTONY BLUES BAND - Dobra mrha (1989)

DON MENTONY BAND became recognised in the late 1980s with the remake of the song "Tulsa Time" (in Slovenian Dobra mrha). The original team were guitarist Janez Hostnik, bass guitarist Frenk Brajer, drummer Robert Fritsch, singer Jani Kovačič and animator Miha Mentony. Later Janez Zmazek - Žan joined as guitarist. Zmazek soon took over the lead in the band and in the early 1992 (after three released albums) the group was left by bass guitarist and singer. Zmazek didn't want to seek another singer, so he decided to sing by himself. The bass player was in March 1992 replaced by Aleksander Cepuš (Alex Bass). In April 1992, the renewed band started to concert. They played two concerts: 20 years of Val 202 in Križanke (MC ZKP RTV 1992) and benefit concert for Bosnia and Herzegovina in Hala Tivoli. They recorded the album "Ko noč zamenja dan" and album for the singer Janko Ropret. They also performed at a festival Melodije morja in sonca in Portorose and as main guests on a pop workshop 1992. At the end of 1992, the bass guitarist was replaced by Ana Karenini, who played for three years. In that period, many other guitarists were replaced who tried to substitute Janez Hostnik, who left the band in 1993; first came guitarist Bruno, then for the same period Matej Mršnik and at the end Zvone Kukec. After a period of inactivity, the frontman again gathered a group of musicians in 2010 and resumed performing under this name. They published a best-of live album and played several concerts since then. (from wikipedia)