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III KANAL - Radar (1980) Single

III KANAL the first and only one single record from 1980.

DADO TOPIĆ - Neosedlani (1979)

DADO TOPIĆ is one of the most popular rock musicians of Croatia and the former Yugoslavia. He was the lead singer of progressive rock band TIME. From 1970 to late 1971, he was also the lead singer of the popular prog-rock band Korni Grupa. Ths is his first solo album from 1979.

utorak, 13. kolovoza 2019.

VISOKI NAPON - Visoki napon (1980)

VISOKI NAPON was a punk rock band from Pula (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their demo songs from 1980.

VLADA & BAJKA - Oblak (1975) Single

VLADA & BAJKA were an acoustic duo from Beograd, Serbia (ex-Yugoslavia) formed in 1971. This is their third single record from 1975.

subota, 10. kolovoza 2019.

TVRDO SRCE I VELIKE UŠI - Kaži ovom bati pa-pa (1983)

TVRDO SRCE I VELIKE UŠI was formed in 1981, in Beograd (Serbia) by Dragutin Savić (vocal), Branimir Savić (bass), Nebojša Jovanović (guitar) and Ivan Ranković (drums). Their one and only album "Kaži ovom bati pa-pa" released on 7 July in 1983.

STIJENE - Janice (1982) Single

STIJENE fourth single record from 1982.

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STIJENE - Cementna prašina (1981)

STIJENE first album from 1981.

STIJENE - Jedanaest i petnaest (1982)

STIJENE was an pop-rock band, founded in the 70's by keyboardist and composer Marin Mišo Limić in Klis, small town nearby Split, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). This is their second album from 1982.

srijeda, 7. kolovoza 2019.

GRUPA 052 - Demo Recordings (1988)

GRUPA 052 is one of the veterans of the Pula rock scene (Croatia). They played in the 80's then split-up and reunited in 2009 in a completely different line-up. They play classic rock, and besides the demo recordings from 1988, a very important document of the history of the band, they made brand new recordings and continuing with active playing. (from

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