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RIBLJA ČORBA - Večeras vas zabavljaju muzičari koji piju (1984)

"Večeras vas zabavljaju muzičari koji piju" is the fifth studio album from influential Serbian and former Yugoslav rock band RIBLJA ČORBA. As Riblja Čorba's record label PGP RTB did not want to finance recording in London, the band moved to Jugoton. Immediately after the album was released, state's censors declared songs "Mangupi vam kvare dete" and "Besni psi" ethicaly unacceptable. "Besni psi" caused an international scandal. Beacuse of the lyrics "Grčki sverceri, arapski studenti, negativni elementi, maloletni delikventi i besni psi", the embassies of three Arabian countries and Zaire protested, complaining that songwriter Bora Đorđević had equated foreign students and mad dogs. The Yugoslav Ministry of culture ordered an analysis of the song by the experts. With dark, depresive atmosphere, album was not as nearly successful as Riblja Čorba's previous albums bringing only one hit, Momčilo Bajagić's gentle ballad "Kad hodaš". (from


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