subota, 25. srpnja 2020.

REX ILUSIVII - Disillusioned! (1987)

Mitar "Suba" Subotić a.k.a REX ILUSIVII was a Serbian-born musician and composer who was set to become one of Brazil's most prominent producers when he died in November 1999. He was a pioneer of electronic music in all of the former Yugoslav countries, since he mixed and produced a number of celebrated albums of Yugoslav New Wave acts such as Ekatarina Velika, Haustor, Marina Perazić in the course of the 1980s. In 1986, his fusion of electronic music and Yugoslav folk lullabies, "In The Mooncage" was awarded the International Fund for Promotion of Culture from UNESCO, which included a three-month scholarship to research Afro-Brazilian rhythms in Brazil. Falling in love with the country and its music, he emigrated to Sao Paulo in the 1990s, where his fruitful production began and ended. During that time he participated Milan Mladenović's last project "Angel's Breath", and recorded his famous album "Sao Paulo Confessions." On November 2, 1999, he was working on the post-production of the album of his new-found diva, Bebel Gilberto, when his studio caught fire. Overcome by smoke, he died trying to rescue the newly recorded material with her. Suba died just a few days after the release of his now-legendary album "Sao Paulo Confessions", and shortly before the completion of Bebel Gilberto's acclaimed "Tanto Tempo", the biggest selling Brazilian album outside Brazil. (from wikipedia)

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