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SEDMINA - II dejanje (1982)

Former Yugoslavian and Slovenian singer/songwriter Veno Dolenc and his wife Melita formed an acoustic progressive folk band SEDMINA in Ljubljana 1977, with Lado Jakša (clarinet, piano, flute), Edi Stefančič (acoustic guitar) and Božidar Ogorevc (violin, viola). Sedmina used traditional instruments and gave an alternative interpretation of folk songs. Being also a fine artist, Dolenc created interesting surrealist and dreamlike artwork of their album covers. After two albums, Veno and Melita divorced so the band split apart. The first two albums "Sedmina" and "II dejanje" are essential listen to any psychedelic/acid ethno and prog folk fans who enjoy acoustic music with male/female vocals. (by Seyo)

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