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OSMI PUTNIK - Ulična molitva (1986)

OSMI PUTNIK was officially formed on May 7, 1985 in Split, (Croatia) by Zlatan "Džibo" Stipišić (vocals), Nenad Mitrović (guitar), Davor Gradinski (bass guitar), Igor Makić (guitar), and Dražen Krolo (drums). The band had their first performance as an opening band for Zabranjeno Pušenje on August 1, 1985 in Arena Gripe. A month later they won the first place at Dalmatia Youth Rock Meeting. At the end of the year they won the first place at the Radiotelevision Zagreb show "Stereovizija" with the song "Lutko moja, takav sam ti ja". At the beginning of 1986, after several line-up changes, a stable line-up was formed. It featured Stipišić (vocals), Mitrović (guitar), Bojan Antolić (guitar), Gradinski (bass guitar), and Miro Marunica (drums). During the year they released the album "Ulična molitva". All the songs on the album were written by Zlatan Stipišić. The album achieved success and launched Osmi putnik to the top of the former Yugoslav hard rock and heavy metal scene. In 1987 Mirjan Jovanović replaced Marunica, and Alen Koljanin replaced Mitrović. The band released their second album "Glasno, glasnije". The title track became the band's biggest hit, and at the time of the album release an unofficial anthem of HNK Hajduk Split (some of the Hajduk players sang backing vocals on the song). The album also featured the song "Da mi je biti morski pas", a cover of Split band Metak song. The album was produced by a former Metak bass guitarist Mirko Krističević. The readers of the Rock magazine voted Osmi putnik the Rock Band of the Year. In 1988 the band released their third album "Drage sestre moje... Nije isto bubanj i harmonika" and after that Osmi putnik disbanded and Zlatan Stipišić started a successful solo career under the name Gibonni. (from wikipedia)

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