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GJURMET - Gjurmet (1982-1988)

GJURMET was formed in 1980, in Priština by Migjen Kelmendi (vocals, rhythm guitar), the son of the writer and journalist Ramiz Kelmendi, inspired by new wave music. The lineup also included Armando Gjini (piano, synthesizer), Tomor Kurshumliu (vocals, bass guitar), Petrit Riza (drums) and Bekim Dyla (lead guitar). During the same year, the band recorded the first new wave song in SAP Kosovo (in former Yugoslavia). In 1984, the band recorded the material for their debut album, however, it was during 1985 that the album was released. The reason for the delay of the release was the controversial album cover which featured dancers performing the traditional Albanian "Eagle dance", making a shape of a double-headed eagle with their posture. Eventually, the album was released by Radio Television of Priština, on compact cassette only, and featured the band photo on the front cover on which Kelmendi is looking at his wrist watch as a comment on the release delay.The album featured a combination of new wave, post-punk and folk music. The following year, in 1986, the band disbanded. In 2002, a compilation album "LP" featuring a collection of material the band had recorded in the course of the 1980s had been released. (from wikipedia)

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