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OPERA LU - Televizori (1980) Single

OPERA LU was a punk rock band from Sarajevo. They were the first wave of the Bosnian punk in the end of 70s. They released only one single record in 1980, and split up. Members included: Borislav Boro Savić, Goran Marić and Nikša Bratoš. After disbanding Opera Lu, Savić went on to form post-punk/alternative rock band Gimpel Luda, Marić gained notoriety under the alias Malcolm Muharem as manager and producer of many Sarajevan "New Primitives" bands such as Elvis J. Kurtovich & His Meteors and Plavi Orkestar, while Bratoš continued successful career as multi-intrumentalist, composer and producer of many pop and rock bands in Sarajevo (Bonton Baya, Valentino etc.) as well as across the former Yugoslavia. (from discogs.com)

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