nedjelja, 22. srpnja 2018.

MIZAR - Mizar (1988)

MIZAR was formed in 1983 in Skopje, Macedonia (ex-Yugoslavia). They achieved a status of a cult band, especially in Republic of Macedonia and across the former Yugoslavia. The group is notable for its first self-titled album, as it was the first Yugoslav rock record in Macedonian language. Previously, Macedonian bands often recorded in Serbo-Croatian for marketing reasons, as it was the most widespreaded language in the multilingual former Yugoslav Federation. The album was a major success and it is listed among the top ten rock albums ever released in Yugoslavia. Because of the band's avant-garde sound and image, its orthodox christian leanings and support for Macedonian self-determination, they were viewed with certain degree of suspicion by the former communist regime. Still, the group received great media attention including numerous appearances on the national television. (from

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