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LA STRADA - La Strada (1987)

LA STRADA was a former Yugoslav rock band from Novi Sad, Serbia. The band was formed by Slobodan Tišma (guitar, lead vocals) , a rock veteran and poet, and called it "La Strada" by the Federico Fellini movie. The rest of the band consisted of Danijel Stari (bass guitar, arrangements), Boris Oslovčan "Bora" (bass guitar), Siniša Ilić "Siki" (guitar) and Dragan Nastasić "Gane" (guitar) and a temporary drummer Siniša Sekulić "Sekula". The band functioned with two bassists because Stari did not want to perform live and his live replacement was Oslovčan and drummer Sekulić also did not perform live so they used a rhythm machine instead. The lineup made their first recordings in the Vranešević brothers studio which consisted of three songs "On", "Sat" and "Narcis" which were often broadcast on radio Novi Sad's shows "Yu Pop Scena" and "Novi vidici" hosted by Dragan Gojković "Goja", who was monitoring the fast growing world New Wave scene at that time. After the recording of the tracks both of the band's guitarists left the band and were replaced by Predrag Ostojić "Preža" (guitar) and Ivan Fece "Firchie" (full-time drummer). The band made their first live appearance in 1980 in Novi Sad's club No. 1. The lineup Tišma, Oslovčan, Firchie and Ostojić also played as an opening act for Električni Orgazam. In May 1981 the band performed at Subotica "Youth Festival" and at the Danube park handball playground in Novi Sad as an opening act for the band Film. The last appearance the band made at the Belgrade's KST in June 1981. Due to a misunderstanding, bassist Oslovčan left the band and was replaced by Zoran Bulatović "Bale", a former Pekinška Patka member, and Ostojić so Tišma remained the only guitar player. Even though the band was well accepted at Štrand and Pančevo both opening for Lačni Franz, La Strada ceased to exist. Tišma, Firchie and Bale with Marinko Vukomanović of Pekinška Patka formed a new band called "Luna". When Luna disbanded in 1985, Tišma and Stari along with former Luna keyboard player and bassist Jasmina Mitrušić "Mina", Žolt Horvat (guitar) and Robert Radić (drums) (both from Kontratitam and Gomila G) reformed La Strada. In Džuboks magazine's poll La Strada was pronounced as the greatest expectation of 1985. After performing in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zagreb and other venues, the band entered the studio and recorded material for their debut album, produced by Mitar Subotić which was released in 1987 through radio Novi Sad's M Production, one of the greatest labels in Serbia during the 1980s. The recording and release of the record was financed by radio Novi Sad and the record was released in 500 copies. Unlike Luna's sound, La strada presented a diverse combination of classic pop and rock elements combined with Tišma's poetry. After the release of the album, Horvat, Stari and Mina left the band and were replaced by Zoran Lekić "Leki" (guitar) and Ilija Vlaisavljević "Bebec" (bass). This lineup entered the studio to record six new studio tracks which were never released, and after performing at several venues the band held their last concert in Subotica in 1987. Tišma pursued a career as a poet and released two poetry books. (from wikipedia)

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