četvrtak, 28. lipnja 2018.

CONCORDE - Have The Blues (1984)

CONCORDE was formed in 1982, in Skopje, Macedonia (ex-Yugoslavia). Their one and only album "Have The Blues" produced by Vedran Božić and recorded in studio "J.M. Sound" in Zagreb in 1984. Band members were: Sejat Jakupi - vocal, Venko Serafimov - guitar, Kokan Pandilovski - bass, Zoran Pahčievski - keyboards and Bruno Grozdanov - drums. (from exyupoprockmadness)

PENICILIN - Penicilin (1982-1983)

PENICILIN was a rock band from Skopje (Macedonia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their some recordings from 1982-1983.

srijeda, 27. lipnja 2018.

CILINDER - Samo eden del (1982)

CILINDER was a rock-reggae band from Skopje (Macedonia) in former Yugoslavia. These are their two songs from 1982

GRUPA MEN - Noć je moja (1978) Single

GRUPA MEN formed in Sisak (Croatia), in mid-seventies in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only single record from 1978.

utorak, 26. lipnja 2018.

IVICA KIŠ - Čovjek sa dušom žene (1972-1976)

IVICA KIŠ is an singer-songwriter from Zagreb (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. In the seventies he performed together with Drago Mlinarec. This is his demo recordings from 1972-1976.


OTROCI SOCIALIZMA were Slovenian punk rock band from Ljubljana (Slovenia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their second album from 1986.

ponedjeljak, 25. lipnja 2018.

PROBLEMI SA MILJACKE - Svi me zovu Sarajlija (1979) Single

PROBLEMI SA MILJACKE were pop rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their one and only one single record from 1979.

nedjelja, 24. lipnja 2018.

VOODOOBUDDAH - Collection (1989-1990)

VOODOOBUDDAH was crossover fusion funk-rock band with elements of jazz, ethno, electronica, reggae, dub, children music etc. The band founded in Zagreb (Croatia) in 1988. These are their some recordings from 1989-1990.

PAPIGA - Daj nam brdo piva (1986)

PAPIGA was a pop rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one albun from 1986. (thanks to sveto)

petak, 22. lipnja 2018.

FIT - Uz rijeku (1988)

FIT was formed in 1986, in Rijeka, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia). In 1988 they recorded LP "Uz rijeku" with big hit "Mačka". In 1989 they recorded one more LP "Daj mi ruku" and after that they disbanded.

ČISTA PROZA - Čista proza (1983)

ČISTA PROZA was founded in Novi Sad (Serbia) in 1980 by Milan Ćirić (guitar, vocal), Đorđe Pilipović (bass, vocal), Steva Mijučić (vocal, guitar) and Hati En. Bakoš (drums, guitar). They recorded only one album and they disbanded in 1985.

četvrtak, 21. lipnja 2018.

QUO VADIS - Country Rock'n'Roll (1989)

QUO VADIS was founded in Beograd (Serbia), in the late eighties. They are one of the few groups that played country music in former Yugoslavia. This is their only album from 1989.

CRNO VINO - Voljeti (1990)

CRNO VINO was a pop rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1990. (thanks to sveto)

srijeda, 20. lipnja 2018.

TUNINA GLAVA - Bezživotno življenje (1983) Single

TUNINA GLAVA was a rock band from Rijeka (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one single record from 1983.

LAZA & IPE - Stižemo (1978)

LAZA RISTOVSKI (keyboard player) and GORAN IPE IVANDIĆ (drummer) were members of the most popular rock band ever in the former Yugoslavia, BIJELO DUGME. At the peak of their popularity, after they played in front of 100 thousand people at Beograd's "Hajdučka česma" free open air concert in 1977, the group made a break in their activity. Laza and Ipe decided to pursue their own ideas and they recorded their only joint album "Stižemo" in London 1978. The guest musicians included: Vlatko Stefanovski (guitarist of Leb i Sol), Goran Kovačević (vocalist of Teška Industrija), bassist Zlatko Hold, lyricist Ranko Boban and Ipe's sister Gordana as female vocalist. Unfortunately, just a few days prior to its release in September 1978, the police found illicit drugs hidden in Ipe's drum kit, so along with Kovačević, Hold and Boban, Ipe Ivandić was to end up in prison. Thus, this album never had a chance to be properly presented and reviewed and subsequently faded into oblivion. It is however highly recommended for prog fans to listen to it because it is one of the rare interesting works of the symphonic-style prog in ex-Yugoslavia, sometimes similar to Renaissance or Curved Air due to a female vocals, sometimes close to Genesis. Laza Ristovski, being on and off member of Bijelo Dugme and Smak during the 1980s, embarked on a solo career as electronic keyboard virtuoso making instrumental albums, while Ipe Ivandić was killed under mysterious circumstances in Beograd 1994, having spent several years in re-formed Bijelo Dugme, from 1983-89. (by Sead S. Fetahagić)