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SMAK - Ulazak u harem/Plava pesma (1975-1977)

In the light of commercial success of their second studio album "Crna dama" issued on PGP RTB, their previous label RTV Ljubljana decided to assemble a compilation, obviously in order to capitalize on SMAK's popularity. "Ulazak u Harem/Plava pesma" LP contains songs taken from early singles and EPs, two tracks from the debut "Smak" and one instrumental ("Oro") taken from Radomir Mihajlović Točak's first solo album. While the selection of tracks is always subject to debate, this serves a purpose of capturing and condensing the essence of this period in the band's career. Most tracks are heavy, folk-inspired blues rock with occasional elements of jazz and funk where you can hear Točak's talents and technique of guitar playing, while he was building a cult of "guitar hero" status in ex-Yugoslavia. Only "Plava pesma" is a soft jazz ballad and it was taken from "Crna dama" album, marking a bridge to more elaborated fusion territory that they would purse in the years to come. Recommended collection of early SMAK works, if you can find it because it is quite a rarity nowadays. (by Sead Fetahagić)

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