utorak, 15. svibnja 2018.

SMAK - Rock cirkus (1980)

At the beginning of 1980 SMAK released the album "Rok cirkus". The album was produced by Dado Topić and featured more commercial, hard rock-oriented sound, although songs "Instrumental Baby", "Hirošima" and "Ogledalo" were somewhat reminiscent of the band's early works. The album was not received well by the critics, mostly because of the Marina Tucaković's and Mirko Glišić's rather flaccid lyrics. The album did not see expected success for two more reasons: it was released at the time of Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito's death, so there was almost no concert promotion of the album, and it was released at the time of huge popularity of New Wave music in Yugoslavia and a general decline of popularity of progressive and hard rock. (from wikipedia)

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