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KAOS - Kaos (1979-1984)

KAOS was founded in 1979, in Rijeka (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia, and active until 1984. With the already famous bands Paraf and Termiti they were the main name of the city punk scene. In the beginning they played simple but powerful songs that quickly became a local hits.Time changed their musical style and the songs became more complex. But they were always energetic and with their defiant lyrics and interesting vocal performance which created the chaotic and very lively artistic expression.The band's sound was dynamic and deliberately unpolished and they had not the slightest desire to "compromise" in terms of their sound, something that could have made them more successful. When V/A "Riječki novi val" would be released, everything was delayed due to Kaos refusal to sign any contract; they were the only band that would not be bound by a contract. Eventually the record was released anyway, even though Kaos had not signed the contract. Something that one can only admire. (from

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