srijeda, 29. ožujka 2017.

PARLAMENT - Imena i legende (1980)

PARLAMENT founded by Zoran Cvetković-Zok (guitar) in Zagreb, Croatia (ex-Yugoslavia) in 1980 with Dubravko Vorih (bass, vokal) and Dražen Šolc (drums). This is their first album from 1980.

PARLAMENT - Bez riječi (1983)

PARLAMENT never released album from 1983. (thanks to sveto)

ponedjeljak, 27. ožujka 2017.

REGATA - Spavaj mi vještice (1986)

REGATA founded by Nikola Gečević-Koce (vocals, guitar) in 1983 in Zagreb, Croatia, after the dissolution of a group Žuta minuta. This is their second album "Spavaj mi vještice". Album recorded in studio "Tetrapak" in Split and released in 1986 and produced by Željko Brodarić-Jappa. Bend members were: Nikola Gečević-Koce (vocal, guitar), Tomislav Šojat-Tompa (bass), Gordan Milas (keyboard) and Dražen Kovač (drums).

REGATA - Obuzdaj nagone (1990)

REGATA third album from 1990.

subota, 25. ožujka 2017.

REGATA - Noćna regata (1984)

REGATA founded by Nikola Gečević-Koce (vocals, guitar) in 1983 in Zagreb, Croatia, after the dissolution of a group Žuta minuta. This is their first album from 1984.

četvrtak, 23. ožujka 2017.

BAJAN - Izgubljene vrpce (1990)

BAJAN is a rock musician (songwriter and guitar player) from Split (Croatia) in former Yugoslavia.

srijeda, 22. ožujka 2017.

NIKI - "42" (1989) EP

NIKI (aka Kostas Nikki) was a pop rock singer from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is his promo EP from 1989. (thanks to sveto)

utorak, 21. ožujka 2017.

TANTADRUJ - Tantadruj (1989)

TANTADRUJ was a folk rock band from Ljubljana (Slovenia in former Yugoslavia. This is their first album from 1989.

ROK APOTEKA - Džambo džet (1979) Single

ROK APOTEKA was a pop rock band from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one single record from 1979.

nedjelja, 19. ožujka 2017.

ARSEN DEDIĆ - Kantautor (1985)

ARSEN DEDIĆ thirteenth album from 1985.


ARSEN DEDIĆ - Homo Volans (1973)

ARSEN DEDIĆ is a Croatian singer-songwriter, musician and composer and a poet. He was born in Šibenik, Dalmatia to a poor Serbian family of father Jovan, bricklayer/volunteer firefighter and mother Jelka, housewife. He and his older brother Milutin Dedić left Šibenik for Zagreb and Belgrade in 1957, Milutin is since a painter and columnist still living in Belgrade. Arsen became a household name in the 1960s, thanks to pop music festivals and his brand of music, which was at first influenced by Dalmatian folklore, but is mostly comparable to the French chanson genre. Throughout the decades Dedić became one of the most respected musicians in former SFR Yugoslavia and maintained this reputation to this day. Apart from writing songs, Dedić also writes music for films. He is also an award-winning and one of the best-selling poets of ex-Yugoslavia. Notable books of poetry include "Brod u boci", "Hotel Balkan", "101 pjesma" and others. Arsen Dedić is married to Gabi Novak, famous pop singer in her own right. (from wikipedia)

srijeda, 15. ožujka 2017.

ARSEN DEDIĆ - Provincija (1984)

ARSEN DEDIĆ eleventh studio album from 1984.

ARSEN DEDIĆ & ZORAN PREDIN - Svjedoci/Priče (1989)

Album "Svjedoci / Priče" recorded by ARSEN DEDIĆ together with ZORAN PREDIN (Lačni Franz) in 1989. Vlado Kreslin played harmonica on several songs, and Bora Đorđević (Riblja čorba), was the guest vocalist on the song "Domovina"